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Captain Alistair Johnson
Quidditch Sign-ups!
Wed Oct 12, 2016 15:09

Alistair was rather sorry to see Isaac Douglas go when it came to it. The older boy had never contributed much to the team and certainly never seemed all that enthused about playing Quidditch. In fact, he hadn’t even been that good, but at least he had been there and he’d been reasonably reliable. Isaac’s graduation opened up a spot on the team and that was always a slight worry for Alistair, simply because he had worked so hard to get Crotalus to the point that they were at now and he didn’t want to lose it so soon.

He had paid full attention, as he usually did, to the first years’ sorting with a vested interest in who was sorted into his house. The numbers of new Crotali this term were quite low but on the plus side they were all males, which tended to bode well for Quidditch as there was no stigma or controversy attached to boys playing. All he needed was for one of them to show an interest and if they all turned out to be one huge disappointment in that respect, surely at least one of the little eleven year olds could be susceptible to a little persuasion?

Making the sign-up sheet had originally been important to Alistair, simply because it was one of his duties as captain and he wanted to take all his responsibilities seriously. The longer he had spent as captain (he was now in his fifth year of the role), the more focused he had become on the actual training. Of course, he had been very keen about that from the start but in the past, although he would never admit it, there had been something very appealing just about barking orders at his peers. As he had developed and matured, his interest in improving his teammates’ skills had grown and become more and more serious.

He was more than a captain; he was a coach.

Teaching some young children over the summer holiday had really brought him to such a realisation. His dreams of becoming a professional Quidditch player were looking bright, at least he thought so, but at the same time he was starting to care more about the development of players that were nowhere near his league. He wanted his team to do well, not only because winning the Quidditch Cup meant so much to him but also because he would get so much personal reward from seeing the team he had worked so hard on having that kind of success. Each player’s success was also his own, although obviously nothing would ever compare to the goals he wished to accomplish as a player himself.

Alistair knew the importance of making the sign-up sheet stand out so that it would force people to look at it and thus hopefully consider joining, but at the same time he was not a garish person so he tried to find a happy medium. He wrote in a blood red ink and made the word “Quidditch” much bigger than the rest of the text because that was the key word on the parchment, outlining it with silver and then drawing a little snitch that he charmed to fly around the edge of the page.

The Crotalus Quidditch team is seeking new interest!

Step up and join your house in competing for the Quidditch Cup! Provide your name, year and preferred position below. Try-outs will be held at 10.00am Saturday on the Quidditch Pitch - so be there!

For further details or any questions or concerns, please see Captain Alistair Johnson.

He signed his own name and details at the top of the space left: Captain Alistair Johnson, 5th year, Chaser. He had been playing the position of Chaser at Sonora for four years now because not playing his initial desired position of Seeker was a sacrifice he’d had to pay in order to play at all, but the older he grew the more of a concern this decision became because it greatly affected his future.

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