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Makenzie Newell
Here I am again
Wed Oct 12, 2016 16:13

A half of a glance at the notice board and she saw it. Alistair Johnson, with his large print and blood red ink, as anything but subtle with the sign up sheet. Makenzie walked over to it with mild curiosity, just checking to see how the team was filling out so far, but without any real intent to sign up again herself. Most of her reasoning for playing last year had been as an act of self-depreciation, to make people question her at least a little, and therefore view Araceli better by comparison.

But the thing was, she remembered idly, nobody had really seemed to care. Evidently the stigma about girls--namely purebloods, obviously--playing Quidditch had diminished far more than she’d realized. Makenzie knew it was lessening every passing year, sure, but she had expected some repercussion from a source other than her crabby younger cousin. Mostly, people had been confused about why now, as a fifth year, was she only just beginning her athletic career. No one cared that Miss Newell played Quidditch, just that Makenzie did.

It was nice, belonging to a group like that, pressing herself into a unified force. She had once considered her family to be such a force, but their unity had broken down when it really mattered. Obviously, a school sports team was nothing so serious as that, but Makenzie had a knack for overanalyzing, over complicating. Maybe she deserved to, though. Deserved to hang onto anything that resembled a family that she could find, in the wake of the disaster within hers.

Moreover, to her own surprise, she had discovered she was actually pretty decent at the game. And it was hard for anyone, she thought, to simply walk away from a natural talent. She had good instincts to move toward the ball, could sense which way the opposing Chaser might go. She wasn’t terribly coordinated yet (she still recalled the shot she had blocked essentially with her face, her pinnacle moment of gracelessness), but she hoped maybe that would come this year.

This year.

She was signing up.

Makenzie Newell, she printed in her neatest handwriting, dotting her “i” with a heart. Sixth year, Keeper.

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    • Here I am again — Makenzie Newell, Wed Oct 12 16:13
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