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Winston Pierce
Seeker or Chaser
Wed Oct 12, 2016 16:16

Winston woke in his new bed, and got up, still drowsy but ready for his first day of classes. He used the toilet, brushed his teeth and hair, and got dressed. He cleaned his glasses and clipped on his pocketwatch that his father had given him. Only then did he notice the time and realize it was only three a.m. He glanced over at his roommates, still asleep in their own beds by all appearances, and felt a momentary rush of relief in his decision earlier not to wake them (which, in truth, had been in large part motivated by the desire to have the bathroom entirely to himself while he got ready).

He flopped back on the bed, still fully clothed, and stared at the ceiling, willing himself to fall back asleep and for his watch to skip forward to a more reasonable hour. Neither happened. He continued to inspect the ceiling - eventually beginning to count the ceiling tiles just to prevent death by sleepless boredom - but when he checked his watch again, only three minutes had passed.

Seconds dragged on. Winston tossed over onto his stomach in the hopes that a new position would bring slumber. It didn't. A paltry five minutes had passed now since he first noticed the time. He started going over his genealogy lessons, figuring that if anything could put him to sleep repeating the names of long dead ancestors ought to do the trick, but he was wrong. 3:17.

With a small moan of frustration, he got up and changed back into his pajamas. That didn't help he drift off either. 3:21.

He got out the book of poetry his parents thought he should read to improve his cultural education. His eyes burned, his brain wandered, ignoring the words his internal narrator was trying to read off the pages, and instead began to worry that lack of sleep would make him clumsy and stupid for his first impression on his teachers and many of his classmates. 3:36.

He put the useless book of poems away and flopped back on the bed, covering his face with his pillow, half inclined to smother himself into unconsciousness. Given his luck so far over the last 24 hours, though, he'd probably end up killing himself by mistake and that was not a part of his seven year plan. 3:38.

He got up again and went down to the common room. Curfew was doubtless still in effect, so he couldn't leave for the gardens to walk off his insomnia, but he could quietly do laps around the couches to burn off some excess energy so he could hopefully sleep again. Besides which, he was still in his pajamas so leaving Crotalus wasn't really on the table anyway.

It was on the third lap around the darkened commons that movement on the bulletin board caught his attention. Oh! Quidditch!

He found a quill on one of the coffee tables and a jar of ink on one of the bookshelves, and used the two items to add his name to the list.

Winston Pierce, 1st year, Seeker or Chaser

His father had played Seeker, and as his sister couldn't play Quidditch with him, practicing with a snitch was as close to playing as he'd been able to do by himself at home. Plus Thaddeus had been a seeker, so Winston couldn't let his father's rival take all of the glory of the position without at least trying to match him. But even Thaddeus had needed to play Chaser before the spot opened on his House team, and Winston suspected with Seeker being as important as it was, somebody else already had it. So he added the position logically most likely to have openings just to get his foot through the door.

This done, he returned the quill and ink to where he found them and headed back up to bed, feeling like he had accomplished something and now he could rest.

At 3:52a.m. Winston closed his eyes and slipped back into dreamland.

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