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Sébastien Évreux
It seems I am needed once more
Thu Oct 20, 2016 04:29 (XFF:,

To Quidditch or not to Quidditch? Now that was the question, and the answer was not one that Sébastien knew. On the one hand, there were definite perks to being part of the Quidditch team. You were automatically cooler (or so Bastien thought), one of the top sporting students at Sonora, and he liked the sense of importance that being on the team (and, more importantly, being needed for the team to exist) gave him. However.

Bastien did not know what the new intake would be like at Quidditch. What if they were really good? What if he was no longer needed on the team? The problem wasn’t that they might be better than Bastien – of course he would never think that, it simply wasn’t true (it really was true and ugh ok he knew it) – but what if Alistair Johnson suddenly decided to replace Sébastien? He couldn’t allow that to happen. It simply wasn’t the done thing, replacing Sébastien Évreux, and he wasn’t sure if he was willing to run that risk.

It was for this reason that Sébastien delayed looking at the sign-up sheet, preferring to temporarily ignore the problem rather than dwell on the risk of being replaced by somebody better. However, when he finally decided to scope out his opposition, the signup sheet wasn’t as full as he thought it would be. Maybe he was still in with a chance? Maybe - and this would be even better - he would be needed once more to complete the team?

The chance of having a grateful Alistair Johnson appreciating his commitment to the Crotalus Quidditch team made up Sébastien’s mind. It flattered his ego to think that perhaps there would be no Crotalus team without him.

Sébastien Évreux, 2nd Year, Beater

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    • It seems I am needed once more — Sébastien Évreux, Thu Oct 20 04:29
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