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Simon Mordue
...I can't believe I'm doing this.
Thu Oct 20, 2016 20:03

Simon had known from the school literature that each of the Sonora Houses had a Quidditch team, but he had shoved that information to the back of his mind, forcing himself to assume it didnít apply to him. The teams would surely, after all, be full of older students, older students who would neither want nor need a first year among them. Eventually, he knew, some of them would leave school and he would have to deal with the fact that he was not naturally inclined to athletics, butÖeventually. By then, he might have grown tall and strong and into a proper heir for Father and might want to join the team. Anything could happen before Ďeventually.í

It did not take him long after arriving at Sonora to realize he had been wrong about the teams, or at least the Crotalus team. Professor Xavier had mentioned something, he thought, about the teams having openings, but Simon hadnít thought much about it at the time and hadnít thought much about it again until an older boy descended on him and seemed to think he ought to join up at once. At some point during the conversation, Simon had realized this boy was the captain, Mr. Johnson, and then he had begun to sweat.

A captain was an authority figure, someone with much more power and influence around here than Simon had. A captain was someone who could make Simon miserable, as it happened, no matter what Ė if he didnít do what Johnson wanted, Johnson could make things difficult for him, but if he did and wasnít good at it, Johnson could do that anyway, if Winston didnít. His roommate seemed perfectly agreeable to Simon so far, but he had, Simon had noticed, been the second person to sign the Quidditch sign-up sheet, Simon didnít even know when he could have gotten to it. Simonís wonderful plan to just ignore something he found inconvenient had begun to shake as soon as heíd realized Winston had somehow gotten there, and Mr. Johnson was now kicking it along the path to total collapse.

He wanted to make feeble protests about it being his first year and needing time to settle in and learn magic, but then he realized that would make him sound like he wasnít a confident, strong, powerful wizard, the sort of person who deserved to inherit his fatherís position as head of the family. He had thought desperately for something else he could use, but the only thing he had been able to think of in time was Mother, which would make him sound like a mammaís boy and would do him no favors. Therefore, shortly afterward, with no idea how it happened, Simon found himself carefully writing his name - Simon Mordue - his year - First Year - and, at the end, with the position he would have chosen denied to him by someone much older already having her name down for it, Any.

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    • ...I can't believe I'm doing this. — Simon Mordue, Thu Oct 20 20:03
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