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Daniel Fintoc
Growing up
Fri Oct 21, 2016 12:13

Daniel had found himself surprisingly disappointed when Gwen didn’t join him in his house but instead got sorted into Teppenpaw at the Opening Feast. If there was anyone in his family he thought had a chance of going anywhere besides Pecari it was Gwen and if there was anyone who had to go and be unique like him then he wanted it to be her. But he thought she’d enjoy being in Teppenpaw anyway, where she would have a roommate (unlike him), and Gwen was sociable like he was. Chuck was sociable too, of course, but in a slightly different way it seemed.

Besides his interest in his cousin’s sorting, Dan had also paid attention to the first years to actually be sorted into his house. All boys, he noted with unexpected glee, and it was then that it occurred to him that maybe he was spending too much time in Alistair Johnson’s company. Not that there was anything wrong with the Crotalus captain and he was certainly a good role model, but Daniel had never anticipated he would become particularly invested in the Quidditch team. Sure he wanted to be as good as he possibly could and that was (partly) why he dedicated so much extra time to receiving the high quality training that Alistair undeniably had a gift for giving. And one of the best things about being part of a team was the social element, even if there were a few players who’d been on the team that Dan had to admit wouldn’t give the time of day to a kid his age.

Yet here he was, checking the sign-up sheet with a mixture of anxiety and excitement. Crotalus had lost Isaac but surely one of the first years would join? That question was answered quite quickly but then it had occurred to Daniel that not all previous players might stick with the team, something he thought rather a shame and showed them to lack of team spirit to say the least. Alistair had made this team and he’d given so much to it that it didn’t seem fair to just drop out.

Fortunately two of the three first years had saved the day, although Daniel knew full well that his captain might have had some choice words of encouragement for this to happen as he had done successfully with Sébastien Évreux last term and himself before that. Dan didn’t like to think on this too much, however, because he’d come a long way from his initial indifference to the only sport supported by Sonora. Some might even call it fierce loyalty and he wasn’t quite sure when this had developed, but he was dreaming things he’d never before imagined that he’d dream.

The Crotalus knew that realistically he was only an average player but he knew he could still get better. Daniel was only in his third year and he had another three years of coaching from Alistair, and who knew what would happen after that...

Daniel Fintoc, 3rd year, Chaser

He wrote his name on the sign-up sheet, sticking to the position he knew because he still had so much more to get out of it. It didn’t escape his notice that Makenzie was one of the returning players but for the first time her name just didn’t do it for him.

  • Quidditch Sign-ups!Captain Alistair Johnson, Wed Oct 12 15:09
    Alistair was rather sorry to see Isaac Douglas go when it came to it. The older boy had never contributed much to the team and certainly never seemed all that enthused about playing Quidditch. In... more
    • Growing up — Daniel Fintoc, Fri Oct 21 12:13
    • ...I can't believe I'm doing this.Simon Mordue, Thu Oct 20 20:03
      Simon had known from the school literature that each of the Sonora Houses had a Quidditch team, but he had shoved that information to the back of his mind, forcing himself to assume it didn’t apply... more
    • It seems I am needed once moreSébastien Évreux, Thu Oct 20 04:29
      To Quidditch or not to Quidditch? Now that was the question, and the answer was not one that Sébastien knew. On the one hand, there were definite perks to being part of the Quidditch team. You were... more
    • Seeker or ChaserWinston Pierce, Wed Oct 12 16:16
      Winston woke in his new bed, and got up, still drowsy but ready for his first day of classes. He used the toilet, brushed his teeth and hair, and got dressed. He cleaned his glasses and clipped on... more
    • Here I am againMakenzie Newell, Wed Oct 12 16:13
      A half of a glance at the notice board and she saw it. Alistair Johnson, with his large print and blood red ink, as anything but subtle with the sign up sheet. Makenzie walked over to it with mild... more
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