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DH Skies
I would know absolutely nothing about it, of course
Tue Oct 25, 2016 06:35

For a moment, Wu was looking at her with confusion, and Selina felt her heart sink. She knew it was chancy, leaving something up to subtext for someone who wasn’t having the conversation in their first language. Was Wu concentrating so much on what was being said that she couldn’t concentrate on how it was said? Perhaps, if the message didn’t go through now, it would sink in later, but Selina couldn’t bear the thought of the girl leaving without feeling helped.

And then the penny dropped. Perhaps a little too hard, as Wu blurted out what was meant to be a covert sort of a message.

“Now Wu,” Selina rebuked, without the slightest tone of negativity in her voice - in fact, her tone was, if anything, conspiratorial. “I’m the Deputy Head. I couldn’t possibly suggest such things to students. Of course… if that idea happened to occur to you, I suppose your problem would be solved…” she returned Wu’s grin, hoping that the language of a shared smile would do the job, even if she didn’t quite dare to say what she meant. To be extra sure, she gave Wu a wink.

It did make her wonder, as she tidied the report back into its proper order, what the school’s founders, and subsequent rule-makers had been like. Numbering or binding the pages was so obviously a basic to stop students doing exactly this, never mind the number of charms or hexes that could be put on the document to prevent tampering… Certainly, some smart people were so clever that they were totally blind to what people were like, but she preferred to see it a different way. She was starting to think that her predecessors had felt that students, sent away from the watchful eyes of parents for months at a time, deserved to have a little fun out of the situation, and have the option of no one being any the wiser. For that, she admired them.

  • What if, indeed....Wu Peizhi, Tue Oct 11 19:33
    A small smile found her. Professor Skies being “pleased” with her was easily the closest thing to praise from an adult that Wu was likely to encounter, and it felt… nice. Of course, she supposed she... more
    • I would know absolutely nothing about it, of course — DH Skies, Tue Oct 25 06:35
      • Oh, naturally!Wu Peizhi, Wed Nov 2 02:27
        Wu felt her grin expanding as Deputy Headmistress Skies spoke. Her words began almost like a reprimandation, but her tone was very much… not that. And the little hints were becoming more and more... more
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