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Wu Peizhi
Oh, naturally!
Wed Nov 2, 2016 02:27

Wu felt her grin expanding as Deputy Headmistress Skies spoke. Her words began almost like a reprimandation, but her tone was very much… not that. And the little hints were becoming more and more clear as she went. If the paper were to be lost somehow, well, wouldn’t that just be convenient? Wouldn’t that be dandy? Wasn’t it nice how their reports were set up that this could happen?

Then the professor winked.

Any doubt remaining in the Teppenpaw’s mind was immediately erased. That was one signal that not even Peizhi could miss. The tone, the wink, the situation. It was a universal that transcended any possible language or phrasing barrier. And honestly, it felt wonderful. Professor Skies was one of few adults who felt… safe. It was a hard notion to explain even to herself, let alone another, but Wu was a very distrusting and nervous young girl. Most adults she had ever known were untrustworthy or somehow suspicious, people who did “what they had to do”, the whispers that when overheard were rationalized as “you wouldn’t understand”. The only one she’d ever really trusted was her brother Bohai. She was fond of Serenity and found herself investing more and feeling safer with her and her husband Adam with every forced visit to America, as well. But she had no real relationship with her mother, and her father used her as a pawn. It was interesting and unusual to have adults like Professor Skies around, adults who actually wanted to help her, who cared about her wants and needs.

“Thank you, Professor!” the fourth year beamed happily. If she were a more physical person, she would have likely hugged the woman standing before her. As she was, hopefully the look on her face would be enough to show Professor Skies just how much she appreciated her.

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    • Oh, naturally! — Wu Peizhi, Wed Nov 2 02:27
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