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A gift and letter for Caelia Lucan
Wed Jan 18, 2017 20:56

Gia was on Jaxís case about the bookmark that Caelia had given to him a couple of days ago. She reminded him that it was rude to not acknowledge the gift to the giver or to say thank you. Gia gave him a light blue silk scarf to give to Caelia as a thank you gift for her gift. He thought that was a silly thing to do and Gia refused to give him any information on how she procured the scarf. All she would tell him was that the scarf would match Caeliaís eyes and girls appreciated that sort of thing. To appease his sister and because he didnít actually want Caelia to think he was ungrateful or rude, he took the scarf and went off to send it to her (he was not comfortable enough to waltz up to her table as she was to his)

An owl arrived for Caelia Lucan one evening in the Crotalus common room. It had a small parcel and a little attached to its leg waiting for her to remove it.

The letter read:


Thank you for the bookmark. It is rather lovely and quite useful to me. I appreciate your thoughtfulness and that you were kind enough to give a gift to me. I hope my return gift is one that you enjoy or can find useful.

I am quite impressed with your desired career choice. You should pursue it, even if only as a hobby. If you would like, I would be more than happy to study it with you and help you further your dream.

Thank you again,


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