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DH Skies
Head of House speech
Fri Mar 17, 2017 08:07

As the last crumbs of the feast faded, Selina stood and went to join the Crotalus table. She was feeling full and sleepy, and she was a grown up who had not had an overly exciting day. She suspected the new members of Crotalus house, along with any older members who had shifted timezone, were about ready to drop. She only had three new students, so it wasn’t hard to check that they were all present and to keep an eye on them. As the password was given out to older students when they arrived, there was also less need to keep them from straggling on the way back, apart from the fact that it was very definitely time for bed.

She had her prefects spread out through the line to keep everyone on track, and then led the way out of the hall, pointing out useful landmarks to help them navigate by for breakfast in the morning. Whilst they had already had a tour of the school, the common rooms had not been included, and at that point in the day none of them had known which direction they’d need to come from to get their meals.

“We will arrive shortly at the Crotalus Common Room,” she explained, “It is guarded by a portrait of Gunther who is an inferus - a sort of living dead thing,” she added, lest there were any Muggleborns or even magical students who just hadn’t done that much reading in their youth. “He isn’t pretty but it a very loyal guardian of Crotalus house, so please treat him with respect.”

She rounded the final corner to where the somewhat grim portrait hung. Gunther eyed them suspiciously.

“Animagus,” she told him, at which point the portrait swung open. Once everyone was settled inside, she continued. “Good evening and welcome to Crotalus House. I am Deputy Headmistress Skies, but you may address me as 'Professor' - I am your Transfiguration teacher and head of house." In spite of the title, Deputy Headmistress Professor Head of House Skies was not an intimidating woman. Older than most of the staff, with blonde hair and a warm smile, she liked to think of herself as 'motherly,' although perhaps it might soon verge on 'grandmotherly' - a thought which she did not relish. "‘Animagus’ is the password for this month. New passwords will be displayed on the notice board, along with Quidditch sign ups and other important announcements. Alistair is the captain,” she indicated the older boy, “And I’m sure the notice will be up soon.

“House prefects are Makenzie, Kelsey and Laila. Whilst I hope all your fellow students will be helpful should you be lost, stuck, homesick or otherwise in need, prefects are specifically there to turn to. They will also be keeping an eye out for rule breaking. You are also welcome to come to me if there is anything you need to talk about.

“Curfew is at 10. Whilst we can’t make you go to bed, you are advised to turn in at a decent hour, and asked to keep noise down after this time. Girls’ rooms are to the right and boys’ to the left. You are not permitted in the other sex’s dormitory and the corridor will forcibly remove you if you try.” Ok, it’d land them back in the common room with a not especially hard ‘bump’ but ‘forcibly remove’ sounded much more appropriately intimidating.

“Try to get along. You will have friends, you will have acquaintances, you will have those you like and those you don’t. I am not asking more of you than that, but there is little point in making enemies with people you have to live with for seven years, so do your best not to do that. You will have to live with the consequences if you do. I am here if you need help to resolve things, but I can’t make someone like you again if you mortally offend them.” So far, her tenure as Crotalus head had been peaceful. With only one boy and two girls, she hoped that there wasn’t too much chance of the boat being rocked. But two was all it took…

“If you have any questions, please ask.”

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