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Cleo James
Settling in (tag Adrianna)
Fri Mar 24, 2017 05:22

It hadn’t been a super long day, given that she’d only had to ride out from Colorado, but Cleo was still feeling the effects of the emotional rollercoaster, combined with a large amount of food, and was more than ready for bed. As they climbed past the portrait into Crotalus, she felt another wave of homesickness. What she actually wanted was her bed and a goodnight kiss from her daddy, not a new, strange place to sleep. Everyone kept talking about houses but it wasn’t the same as home, however much the staff seemed to want to convince them that it would be, and this would be like a new family. She didn’t need a new family - she already had a perfectly good one, even if it only consisted of one other person (well, plus grandparents and some other relatives but they weren’t around all the time).

After the speech, she went straight up to the dormitory, glancing over at the other bed, which would be occupied by her room-mate. She hoped that was something to be excited about… As an only child, she wasn’t really used to sharing anything, especially not personal space, and she was a bit worried how that would go. Daddy had given her a little red wizarding wireless to bring to school but reminded her to check with her room-mates about using it. What if the other girl said no? And, given that it was now one against one, so what if she did? Why would her not wanting to listen to it trump Cleo wanting to? That wouldn’t be fair in the slightest. In her more optimistic moments though, she saw chances to paint nails together, to be girly and sisterly… She’d enjoyed the few times she’d slept over at friends’ places so much. Was the term going to be like one long slumber party? That would be neat.

“Hello,” she greeted, when the other witch entered the room. “I’m Cleo. Do you like listening to the wireless?” she asked, finding this to be the most important feature in a room-mate, after her name. “I wasn’t thinking of putting it on now,” she added, it was quite late and she wasn’t really sure what show was on, definitely none of her favourites, “But more just… checking. For the future.”

She definitely didn’t feel like unpacking fully but luckily daddy had helped her arrange her case so that the few things she’d want most would be on top. She opened it up, pulling out the wireless and setting it on the windowsill but not turning it on. The other important thing was her pictures. When she’d thought about going away, she’d asked for family pictures to take with her, and they had raided the archives. But her daddy took relatively few pictures, as it turned out - he was kind, he was caring, but he was not overly sentimental in that way. There were diligent snaps of most of the major moments of Cleo’s life - her birthdays and so on, but then he was often behind the camera, and there were very few of him. She’d chosen a couple of her from past birthdays with her grandparents, and then set about making up for the deficit with a small disposable camera, purchased for the project, with which she began documenting their everyday life. Some of the pictures weren’t much good, but she’d kept them all, and they sat shiny and glossy in their special little envelope, with the best ones on top, which she took out and began pinning in the wall space by her bed. There was one of daddy behind the till in the shop - he turned to smile, his fingers dancing over the keys, and one of him digging in the allotment, and one that she’d got their neighbour to take of both of them on the doorstep. She watched the photos moving, and smiled back, feeling comforted by their presence.

The rest of the top-of-the-case items were what she’d need for getting ready for bed, including Mr. Ted, who she got out and placed on her pillow. She had had Mr. Ted not quite since she was born, but within a week or so of being dumped with her daddy, who, once he had got over the initial shock, had set about procuring all the necessary things. Her mother had been able to drop some basics with her, like diapers and clothes, but he had recognised the glaring gap in the absence of a teddy bear, and quickly remedied this. Mr. Ted had been shiny and golden, with the softest fur possible (he had trailed his hand over countless teddies until he found one that was acceptably soft) and a kindly expression. This latter part was the one feature of his early appearance that remained. His fur had soon lost its twinkle and its spring as he was held, chewed, and later carried everywhere Cleo. Eventually it had worn out entirely on his chest, but daddy had made him a little jumper by chopping off one of Cleo’s outgrown babygrows - a white one with little yellow ducks, after she had worried that Mr. Ted would get cold. With these items in place, she felt settled in and ready for her first night away, if not entirely at home yet.

OOC - I just put her introduction more or less in the middle, but feel free to have Adrianna walk in at any point during this, including being immediately behind as she goes in, or even first up if she would have skipped the speech for any reason.

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