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Makenzie Newell
Quidditch signups!
Sun Mar 26, 2017 22:36

"Attention: Crotali!"

Makenzie was not Captain, nor was she Assistant Captain, for the Crotalus Quidditch team. However, Arne was the latter, but his current impaired condition - he had broken his arm recently and was working on mending - had impeded his ability to do his job. For whatever reason, Alistair Johnson had yet to do the sign up, which made it Arne’s job, but since he had asked Makenzie, she told him that she would do it for him.

“Our Quidditch team needs you! Help us repeat last year’s championship performance! Tryouts will be held this Saturday at 10am on the school’s Quidditch Pitch. Please sign up below with your name, year, and preferred position. However, walk ons will be welcome as well.”

Like most things about her life before the last couple years, Makenzie’s handwriting was very neat. Her curvy but legible print read quite nicely on the page, but for good measure, she charmed the ink to a softly glowing red, with a silver trim encircling the edges of the paper.

Makenzie Newell, seventh year, Keeper.

With her own name attached, she posted the signup list to the bulletin board. Then she set off to find Alistair, just to make sure he knew Arne had asked her, and to inform him that it was done.

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