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Winston Pierce
Signing up
Thu Mar 30, 2017 19:40

Winston was happy to be back at Sonora. His summer had been kind of lonely. Sure, Caitlin wasn't quite as much a baby as she had been last year, having turned nine now, which was a respectable age, if not as grown up as Winston's twelve, but it wouldn't be until next year, when she hit double digits, that she'd actually be his peer again. They'd played and spent time together, but it wasn't the same.

His room was too quiet at night. There was nobody to talk to about the lessons his summer tutor set him (Father was a big believer in not letting skills fallow over the summer break). The dining room seemed tiny and sorely underpopulated with only four people eating there.

Worst of all, there was nobody to play Quidditch with.

As soon as he saw the list posted, he hurried to add his name, doing his part to rectify that missing part of his life now that he was back at Sonora. That Crotalus was the reigning school Quidditch Champions this year was bonus.

Winston Pierce, Year 2, Chaser and/or Back-up Seeker

After Alistair caught the snitch in all of their games last year, clinching the Championship, Winston didn't have enough hubris to try to sign-up for starting string seeker, but he hoped maybe Alistair would let him get in some practice to take over the position in two years time.

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    • Signing up — Winston Pierce, Thu Mar 30 19:40
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