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Simon Mordue
Back to business.
Fri Mar 31, 2017 12:46

For a few days, it had been strange to find himself at home again, answering questions from his sister and little cousins and looking to his parents for permission to do everything and attending social functions where he was the only person his age as he had before he had gone to Sonora, but Simon had enjoyed his summer. He had missed his mother and father and Sylvia, his own room, his familiar tutors, and all the other things it had taken him so long to adjust to doing without while he was at school for his first year.

After a few more days, though, it had become obvious to Simon that coming home for the summer was not just like getting back to life as had been normal. His parents had both been surprised the first few times Simon had offered an opinion freely, without being asked or hearing what opinions they held first so he could echo them, and Simon had been mortified and afraid he had said something wrong when he’d realized he’d done that, but they had all seemed to silently agree it was for the best. He was the family heir, and that meant that one day, he would have to do the things he had gotten more or less used to doing at Sonora (speaking first, making a handful of decisions for himself, etc.) at home, too.

Now he was back at Sonora, but still had not been back long enough to know how he felt about it. The response which seemed natural was to ignore that and just focus on getting back to routine as quickly as possible, so when he saw the sign-up sheet (posted, for some reason, by Miss Newell; why was the sheet being posted by Miss Newell?), he made a beeline for it and wrote his name beneath his roommate’s (curse Winston, he thought almost fondly) at once: Simon Mordue, Second Year, Chaser.

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    • Back to business. — Simon Mordue, Fri Mar 31 12:46
    • Signing upWinston Pierce, Thu Mar 30 19:40
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