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Adrianna Dupree
First Night Talks
Thu Apr 6, 2017 21:16

Sharing a room was something that didn’t top Adrianna’s list of favorite things about coming to school. Back home, she had her own suite. Here, she had one room that she shared. Thankfully, it appeared that she would be sharing said room with only one other person. She hoped that the girl was a societal Pureblood. She hoped that the girl was a girly girl. She hoped that the girl was someone she got along with.

Her first hope was possibly shattered. The girl, Cleo, offered nothing more than a first name. Generally speaking, uppers introduced themselves with their titles. This did not mean that it was impossible that she still wasn’t one, but it seemed less likely. Perhaps, she was just awkward. She certainly seemed to be with her concern over the wireless.

“Hello,” Adrianna said a bit stiffly. “My name is Adrianna Dupree of the Quebec Duprees.” There. She had introduced herself properly to make it known what her societal status was. Propriety was everything. However, this did not mean the question was ignored. “Yes, I enjoy listening to the wireless occasionally.” She really didn’t mind if Cleo wanted to listen to it so long as she wasn’t the type to put on something completely awful like one of those rock bands. Personally, she liked the drama shows that aired.

Following suit, Adrianna began pulling out things she needed for the immediate moment. Her night things – pajamas, robe, slippers. She also got out her hairbrush and began brushing her long blonde hair so that she could pull it up into a bun. While doing so, she looked over to see what Cleo had unpacked. On the wall were various pictures and Adrianna felt a stab of jealousy. All of her family photos were formal portraits, staged smiles and unhappy eyes. She wished to have what this girl had.

Adrianna raised an eyebrow in surprise at the teddy bear that the girl pulled out. Weren’t they a bit old for that sort of thing? She just hoped that Cleo was smart enough not to mention such a thing to anyone else. She didn’t want anyone else to find her to be childish. She had a reputation to build and maintain.

Sitting crossed legged on the bed, she pulled her hair up. She turned her attention back to the photos. “Is that your father?”

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