Getting to know you
Tue Apr 18, 2017 07:26

Adrianna Dupree of the Quebec Durpees. This was who Cleo was destined to share a room with for the next seven years.

"Nice to meet you," she smiled, keeping her tone friendly although she wasn't sure Adrianna's had been. Perhaps it was just tiredness, on one or both of their parts... Perhaps it was because Connor, who she'd talked to at the feast, had been so cheery that Adrianna seemed a little lack lustre in response. Perhaps it really was that - as a So-and-so of Somewhere - she really wasn't best pleased to be sharing with someone like Cleo. However, she approved the use of the wireless and was making chitchat, and Cleo just felt that so long as she herself was nice and friendly, she really couldn't expect for the situation to go very wrong.

"Yes," she smiled, when Adrianna asked about the photos, "That's him at our allotment and that's us at our shop," she added, giving the context of the photographs. Whilst, in Adrianna's circles, having an allotment and a shop were probably not things worthy of a boast, Cleo was proud of both of these things - she was always pleased when there allotment turned out tasty vegetables, knowing her hard work had made them grow, and their shop was well-liked, an important part of their local community. A note of this pride was reflected in her voice as she talked about them.

She noticed that Adrianna wasn't pinning up any pictures. Perhaps they weren't a priority for her, or perhaps she hadn't got any. Having nearly faced that situation, and feeling it to be a potential source of sadness, she wasn't sure what to say about it. She felt that Adrianna so far knew a lot more about her than the other way around.

"So. How about you?" she asked. Adrianna hadn't exactly asked her a question that could be directly reciprocated so Cleo clarified a little. "Who's in your family? And what do you like doing?"

  • First Night TalksAdrianna Dupree, Thu Apr 6 21:16
    Sharing a room was something that didnít top Adriannaís list of favorite things about coming to school. Back home, she had her own suite. Here, she had one room that she shared. Thankfully, it... more
    • Getting to know you — Cleo, Tue Apr 18 07:26
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