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Professor Skies
Head of House Speech
Fri Aug 25, 2017 20:39

The last crumbs of the feast faded. Selina was full and sleepy, and she hadn't had the overwhelming experience of starting a new school today, so she was sure her students must be beyond tired.

The changes to the sorting ceremony meant she'd had to keep a closer eye on which students were being sorted into her house. After all, badges could be swapped... As there were only two new Crotalus students, and they were sitting together, she made her way over to them.

"Good evening. My name ia Peofessor Skies and I'm head of Crotalus. Time for you to come and see your house," she smiled, addressing them rather than the table at large. The rest of the students already knew the drill, and could have got the password earlier. She therefore stationed her prefects throughout the line, less to make sure that the new recruits didn't get lost, and more to make sure that no one else took it as a chance to wander off. Though, as Crotali were generally rule abiding, she probably had fewer concerns on that than Professor Carter.

She led the way, pointing out useful landmarks, until they approached the entrance to Crotalus, at which point she stopped to give the new girls her usual warning.

"You are about to come to the entrance to Crotalus -a location which you should not reveal to those in other houses. It is hidden behind a portrait named Gunther, who is an inferus -a sort of animated corpse. Whilst he is rather gruesome, he does his job well, and I hope you will be polite to him."

This warning given, she led them around the corner.

"The current password is 'broomstick,'" she had chosen something she thought would be easy for even Muggleborns to remember, just in case she had any. The portrait swung open and the group entered Crotalus, with its comfortable chairs in rich reds.

"Welcome," she smiled. "If you need anything, my office is just over there, or you can speak to one of the prefects," she pointed out the relevant students. "Our Quidditch captain is Alistair Johnson. All the teams are very keen for new players, so think about signing up - even if you're new to the sport, you'll be against a lot of people in the same position.
"New passwords and useful information about clubs and so on are displayed on the notice board over there. Curfew is 10pm -you must be back in the common room by then, and are asked to keep noise down.

"Your room is to the right. If you have any questions, let me know. Otherwise, I suggest you settle in and get some sleep."

OOC -welcome to Crotalus. You are now free to post on any board except other houses and the staff/prefect lounge. You may continue your threads at the feast as well as posting here. This does not mean your character is in two places at once, as we operate under fuzzy time, whereby the time passing in the real world is not the same as Sonora - so long as threads are set at different times and do not have an effect on each other, you can be in multiple threads at once. You are not obliged to reply to this post but may do so if your character had questions to ask. Enjoy!

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