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Captain Alistair Johnson
Quidditch sign-up sheet.
Fri Sep 1, 2017 08:49

Alistair what not the least bit optimistic about Quidditch this year, after the great flop the previous term, but as Quidditch Captain he still had his duties and he wasn’t going to fail them.

He could’ve got his new Assistant Captain to do the sign-ups for him, since they were becoming a less and less appealing task as the years went by, but he hadn’t actually cornered Daniel and told him of his new position yet. In a rare moment of mild compassion, he had actually made the decision to allow Daniel to get settled in before throwing jobs his way. He’d heard about Raymond Fintoc’s poor health last term, the reason for Daniel and his cousins absence.

Alistair had pre-prepared the sign-up sheet and brought it down from his dormitory after the Opening Feast. He’d made it rather large this year, so it took up more space on the common room noticeboard than usual, but besides that there hadn’t been an exceptional amount of effort. Where was Caelia when he needed her… well, there were more pressing reasons why he wanted her there but it was no good thinking about that.


The head read in big bold crimson ink, a silver border sparkling around the edge of the parchment. Alistair had acknowledged his artistic talents, or lack thereof, and left out any eye catching little sketches. The writing itself could quite easily do the talking anyway - he didn’t need to go all Tepp on a dumb sign-up sheet.

Help your house out by joining us for a fun and competitive year full of Quidditch.

Sign your name, year and preferred position below. All abilities welcome. See you on the pitch for try-outs at 10am this Saturday.

Below he had signed his own name for example, and to remind hopefuls that the Seeker position was still taken - no way was he giving that up this year. If the scouts did come to Sonora, they had to see him play in his position, otherwise they’d miss his best skills.

Alistair Johnson, 7th year, Seeker

    • Sleepy, but present and accounted for.Simon Mordue, Wed Sep 13 15:07
      Vivid crimson ink, Simon thought grumpily as he blearily peered at the notice board before bed, ought to be punishable by law. It was so…loud, and it made his eyes wander from the actual text, and he ... more
    • Signing up!Winston Pierce, Tue Sep 5 09:38
      Winston was feeling pretty good coming into the new Quidditch season. (Which may or may not happen but honestly, Winston wouldn't be too fussed if it didn't since he had no chance of playing seeker... more
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