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Winston Pierce
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Tue Sep 5, 2017 09:38

Winston was feeling pretty good coming into the new Quidditch season. (Which may or may not happen but honestly, Winston wouldn't be too fussed if it didn't since he had no chance of playing seeker for a Crotalus team but he had snagged the spot during one of last year's pick up games and even won!) Still, training with Alistair was good, and he got to play with Simon which was also good, so he did his part to encourage the season to follow proper conventions.

Winston Pierce, 3rd Year, Chaser/Reserve Seeker

As captain, Alistair had dibs on Seeker, of course, but maybe he'd let Winston practice against him some, at least in training for next year, and to have some competition for sharpening his own skills. Winston knew all too well the limits of playing alone, though seeker had a few less problems with it than the other positions, which was why Seeking was the only thing he could practice at home over the summer. Plus Father had been the Seeker for his House team during his school years, so even on those rare occasions when Father did have time to fly with him, that's what position Winston played then, too.

Next year, he told himself, next year he could Seek for Crotalus.

  • Quidditch sign-up sheet.Captain Alistair Johnson, Fri Sep 1 08:49
    Alistair what not the least bit optimistic about Quidditch this year, after the great flop the previous term, but as Quidditch Captain he still had his duties and he wasn’t going to fail them. He... more
    • Sleepy, but present and accounted for.Simon Mordue, Wed Sep 13 15:07
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    • Signing up! — Winston Pierce, Tue Sep 5 09:38
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