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Simon Mordue
Sleepy, but present and accounted for.
Wed Sep 13, 2017 15:07

Vivid crimson ink, Simon thought grumpily as he blearily peered at the notice board before bed, ought to be punishable by law. It was so…loud, and it made his eyes wander from the actual text, and he was sure that if he attempted to read anything written in it which went on for any length, it would give him a headache worse than those Aunt Cynthia was prone to having. Simon had worried all the previous term that Aunt Cynthia might decide her head and her nerves and her other complaints meant she couldn’t survive looking after his cousins without his uncle (occasionally) in the picture and that she and his cousins should move in with him and his family permanently, but this, thank Merlin, had not come to pass – between Sylvia’s fawning attachment to Nathaniel and Nathaniel’s even more annoying attachment to his mother (once, when they had been staying with his family, Nathaniel had snapped at Simon to be quiet ‘because Mama is lying down in the other room’, quite as though they had not been in Simon’s own house!) and Jeremy being a pain any time Simon’s father wasn’t in the room, Simon wasn’t sure he could have borne that.

He hated to leave his own parents alone to deal with them all now, but also secretly proud that his mama and Sylvia, anyway, were made of sterner stuff than Aunt Cynthia and even more relieved that he did not have to pretend to be the same so he could deal with them all himself for a while. Well, he still had to pretend – it wouldn’t do to let his roommate, for instance, think he’d make a better heir to his family than Simon did to the Mordues, and part of the job was being able to handle these things with some poise – but…not as much. Or something.

In any event, he was here, they were there, he was sleepy, and the Quidditch sign-ups were written in vivid crimson ink, which should have been punishable by law. It did its job, he had to reluctantly admit, it drew the attention to the board and expressed Crotalus-ish sentiments by using a House color and all, but it was just so…red. He rubbed his eyes as he looked over how Alistair and Winston had signed up. He frowned slightly at the latter, realizing too late – as usual – an opportunity – how like Winston to figure out how to get closer to power! But even if Simon had thought of it first, he knew he was too clumsily-composed to make a very good Seeker, so this way couldn’t have worked too well for him, either….He really needed, he decided, to just sign up and go to bed and think more in the morning.

Simon Mordue, S Third Year, Chaser

  • Quidditch sign-up sheet.Captain Alistair Johnson, Fri Sep 1 08:49
    Alistair what not the least bit optimistic about Quidditch this year, after the great flop the previous term, but as Quidditch Captain he still had his duties and he wasn’t going to fail them. He... more
    • Sleepy, but present and accounted for. — Simon Mordue, Wed Sep 13 15:07
    • Signing up!Winston Pierce, Tue Sep 5 09:38
      Winston was feeling pretty good coming into the new Quidditch season. (Which may or may not happen but honestly, Winston wouldn't be too fussed if it didn't since he had no chance of playing seeker... more
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