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Professor Skies
Head of House Speech
Fri Feb 2, 2018 23:21

Selina hd been very tempted to spend the feast hiding in her office and deputise all the duties with the first years to the prefects. But she would have had to hand the sorting over to Nathan, who had already also had a hell of a day, or Mortimer, who would resent it and wasn’t exactly the most welcoming figure for the nervous first years. She’d done what she had to, and just sucked up how she was feeling and got through it. She was more than ready for bed now though, hoping her mind wouldn’t start churning over everything the second she tried to sleep. At least she could be by herself for a while, and stop having to do things for other people.

At the end of the feast, at which she hadn’t had much of an appetite, she went to collect her students, checking she had the right number, and no more.

“Follow me, please,” she instructed, spacing the prefects out throughout the line to prevent stragglers or wanderers. All the older students had the password, so there wasn’t really a risk of them getting locked out. And hopefully they’d had plenty of time before the feast to catch up with friends from other houses and, along with the fact that one of her house’s characteristics was being rule-abiding, she hoped they wouldn’t really be tempted to wander off. She pointed out useful landmarks to the first years as they walked, which would help them navigate their way back down to breakfast in the morning.

“We are now approaching Crotalus,” she informed them, as they came to the last turn in the corridor, “Our house is guarded by a portrait known as Gunther. He is an inferus,” she added, feeling it prudent to warn them, as the picture was rather grizzly and could be a shock if they were unprepared. “If you offer him the password, he will open for you. Please treat him politely.”

They had now approached the picture, and Gunther eyed them hungrily, hands clawing against the front of his canvas.

“Asphodel,” Selina told him, and the portrait swung back, revealing a cosy room, decorated richly in red velvet with silver trimmings, including many comfortable chairs and couches.

"Welcome," she smiled. "I am Professor Skies - head of Crotalus house, and your transfiguration teacher. If you need anything, my office is just over there, or you can speak to one of the prefects," she pointed out the relevant students. "Our Quidditch captains - will be posting notices about tryouts shortly,” she explained. What with all the Cleo drama she’d completely forgotten to inform the new captains of their responsibilities and see whether they accepted, and so she figured that announcing it to the common room at large was probably not the best way for them to find out. “All the teams are very keen for new players, so think about signing up - even if you're new to the sport, you'll be against a lot of people in the same position.

"New passwords and useful information about clubs and so on are displayed on the notice board over there. Curfew is 10pm -you must be back in the common room by then, and are asked to keep noise down.

"Girls dormitories are to the right, boys to the left. If you have any questions, let me know. Otherwise, I suggest you settle in and get some sleep."

OOC -welcome to Crotalus. You are now free to post on any board except other houses and the staff/prefect lounge. You may continue your threads at the feast as well as posting here. This does not mean your character is in two places at once, as we operate under fuzzy time, whereby the time passing in the real world is not the same as Sonora - so long as threads are set at different times and do not have an effect on each other, you can be in multiple threads at once. You are not obliged to reply to this post but may do so if your character had questions to ask. Enjoy!

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