Winston Pierce
Crotalus Quidditch Sign-up Sheet
Mon Feb 5, 2018 15:58

Winston had very probably given a somewhat undignified whoop when he received the letter from Professor Skies. After being relegated down to Alternate last year while Simon took first string, he'd worried that might ruin his chances to become Captain over his roommate. He still hadn't earned it over Simon, but co-captaincy was better than no-captaincy. And since Simon was more friend than rival, this was pretty much the ideal situation. Neither of them had it over the other. And if Winston was entirely honest with himself, he thought he'd be the one who lost out if it had been just one of them.

"I'll do the sign-up sheet!" he volunteered to Simon, already digging through his supplies trying to find the right materials for the job. His parents had always emphasized that Art was was kept wizardkind from becoming savages, so he did have some colored ink around here somewhere - ah! Found it.

He used his best handwriting to create a sign-up sheet similar to Alistair's, as best as he remembered it, then asked for Simon's input and made the appropriate adjustments on the second draft. When they were both satisfied by it, he brought the sheet downstairs to hang on the bulletin board.

Crotalus Quidditch Team was written in large red letters to catch the attention of anyone passing by.
Sign Up Sheet was written beneath that to clarify the purpose of the page, also in red, but in smaller letters. The remainder was also written at that same size, but in black, so as not to assault the eyes too badly. The whole page was outlined in silver ink.

Join the Crotalus Quidditch Team! All skill levels welcome.
Sign up below with your name, year, and preferred position.

Unfortunately, given the shortage of players the last few years, they couldn't be picky about who they accepted, and even if they did get a couple muggleborn girls or something signing up, Winston still thought they'd probably have to pair up with another House again this year. If he recalled correctly, after graduations and the Fintocs having family illness troubles, Crotalus Quidditch was pretty much down to just the two co-captains. He hoped they got at least one more name beneath their own sample lines, or they wouldn't have anyone but themselves to lead.

Co-Captain Simon Mordue, Fourth Year, Chaser
Co-Captain Winston Pierce, Fourth Year, Seeker or Chaser

After some argument, they had agreed on the above order due to Simon's name coming first alphabetically.

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