Letter for Cleo
Fri Feb 9, 2018 13:04

Parker had already sat still for far longer than he was comfortable with, but this was the last letter he was going to write. It was also the one he wanted to write the most. He put the pen back in the ink and started writing.

Hi Cleo,
I know you said you didn't want to see anyone, but I was hoping you might still want to talk to someone. I don't know the reason for your not wanting to be seen with someone, but I understand. I cut off most of my friends from before I left for Sonora cause I didn't think they'd be able to understand the bits and pieces they could be told.

Now being on the other side, I know they would have wanted to know as much as I could have told them. I also know that it can sometimes get lonely when you can't see anyone you know, but written words can help. I'm not used to writing, so this is hard, but that's what friends do for each other. Right?

Anyways, I wanted to let you know about one of the stories I heard again and again when I was home for the summer. Remember I told you about the old man I would go see with my mom? Well he kept telling me the story of the bird-fish over the summer.

The bird-fish was a fish that was born with bird like features. It could fly and it could swim. Neither the bird nor the fish really understood the bird fish, but soon the bird fish made friends. At first it was a Mouse Bear, a bear that was born the size of a mouse. Then it was an owl-woman. Then a buffalo-man. Soon the group grew larger, a collection of animals that didn't belong in one space or another. As they grew older, they began to find that each of them had skills that collectively helped the whole group. Most animals were scared or uncertain of this new group. But according to the stories this group went around helping different tribes in their hour of need.

Anyway, I thought you might like the story and the gift I got, which should be enclosed. I was going to suggest it as something to put in the wishing well together, but you can do it alone if you want.

Hope you have a good week. Write back soon.

Your bird-fish friend and adventure buddy,

Parker put a big eagle feather he had found while roaming the mountains in the winter in the envelope with the letter and walked it up to the Owlry. He hoped that Cleo would respond. If nothing else, at least she would have her gift.

    • And Another OneProfessor Xavier, Wed Feb 14 19:19
      After the first day of classes, an elf popped into Cleo's room. He was a different one from the ones that had taken turn following her about and sitting in on the intermediate classes, but she might... more
      • One replyCleo, Thu Feb 15 08:45
        (OOC - set a couple of days after getting Parker’s letter but keeping it here to keep things tidy) Once she’d dropped the feather into the well, with the wish for things to get better, Cleo’s head... more
        • Birds of a featherParker, Mon Feb 26 20:25
          Parker had waited a while before responding to Cleo's letter, hoping that he might run into her somewhere like he had a lunch. He was so much better at talking in person with someone than writing, or ... more
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