Professor Xavier
And Another One
Wed Feb 14, 2018 19:19

After the first day of classes, an elf popped into Cleo's room. He was a different one from the ones that had taken turn following her about and sitting in on the intermediate classes, but she might have recognized him as one of the ones who frequently worked closely with Professor Xavier and the Gardening club in maintaining the grounds.

"Snappy brings Miss Cleo a letter from Professor Xavier," he told her, and held it out toward her. "He wishes Miss Cleo well."

The letter, if she wished to accept it read as follows,


I understand you may want to keep to yourself for a little while until you get a handle on what you learned this summer. But if you wish to do some solo garden maintenance in the meantime, we have a bit of an infestation of gnomes near the fishpond. Snappy or one of the other elves can show you the way sometime if you're not sure where that is. There's a fair number of gnomes out there, so some elves might be of some help to you with the task, too.

Professor Xavier

He'd had the gardening club do some de-gnoming last year, too, so he knew she knew how to do it, and he thought maybe that might be a good, productive way to expend some anger and frustration as well.

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    • And Another One — Professor Xavier, Wed Feb 14 19:19
      • One replyCleo, Thu Feb 15 08:45
        (OOC - set a couple of days after getting Parker’s letter but keeping it here to keep things tidy) Once she’d dropped the feather into the well, with the wish for things to get better, Cleo’s head... more
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          Parker had waited a while before responding to Cleo's letter, hoping that he might run into her somewhere like he had a lunch. He was so much better at talking in person with someone than writing, or ... more
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