Simon Mordue
Stating the obvious.
Wed Feb 14, 2018 22:58

Simon had not been anxious about the Sorting ceremony. He had, after all, been quite sure that Sylvia would either be a Crotalus or an Aladren, either of which was a perfectly – well, most of the time – proper thing to be. He had, however, watched with anticipation, just to know – was Sylvia going to be Here or There? And Nathaniel as well, though he thought of Nathaniel as such an extension of Sylvia’s will that he could scarcely imagine them being separated. It never really occurred to him to wonder until it actually happened, startling him enough that he just stared at the front of the room for a moment.

Well, then.

Teppenpaw. That he had not anticipated, for either of them. He was relieved, however, to see Sylvia settle down to the table and begin talking to one of her yearmates, and not displeased when he discovered that Winston’s sister was to be her roommate. At least Sylvia would have one friend whose personal respectability he could feel fairly confident of.

He waited in the background while Professor Skies spoke to the first years, then approached his sister, smiling about as enthusiastically as he ever did.

“Welcome to Crotalus,” he said warmly. “Do you have any questions before we turn in?”

Professor Skies had just asked that, of course, but Simon felt an older brother’s desire to double-check. Sylvia liked to play at being grown-up, but she really had not been out in the world very much before, and was of course the baby of the family – asking the Deputy Headmistress a question might have seemed a bit much, if only for fear of asking a stupid question. Simon knew that feeling well enough. He did not, however, really expect Sylvia to ask him much of anything, much less what she actually did. His smile flickered in confusion.

“We can’t,” he said. “The potion put him in Teppenpaw, Sylvie. That’s his House.”

This sounded very much of stating the obvious, but he really didn’t know what else to say. He would have thought it was completely obvious to her, and was now very glad he had asked her if she had questions. It would have been embarrassing for them all if she had asked Professor Skies.

  • Relying on big brother instead (tag Simon)Sylvia Mordue, Wed Feb 14 22:18
    Sylvia had enjoyed the feast, and talking with Chrystopher. She also noticed that Caitlin Pierce had been sorted into her house, and was looking forward to getting to know her roommate. Crotalus... more
    • Stating the obvious. — Simon Mordue, Wed Feb 14 22:58
      • DittoSylvia Mordue, Fri Feb 16 04:19
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        • Playing with fire.Simon, Tue Feb 20 11:58
          “Sylvie – don’t do that – “ said Simon helplessly as Sylvia’s eyes welled up with tears. “We can’t do anything, but – you don’t want Miss Pierce to see you with your eyes red, do you?” This was... more
          • You should know betterSylvia, Thu Feb 22 06:30
            No, of course she did not want Miss Pierce to see her with her eyes red, but she wasn’t going to, because Sylvia didn’t do ugly crying. She did not to unrestrained, turn your face blotchy and make... more
            • This was going all wrong. Simon desperately wished someone else had this problem, or that Victor and Winston would both walk up at once so he’d have an excuse to escape without dealing with the... more
              • Why would you do that?Sylvia, Fri Feb 23 08:49
                Ridiculous? Ridiculous?! The accusation stung. She knew Simon had no idea that she was in perfect control of this little display - that was rather the point - but to call her ridiculous! Simon was... more
                • Because I'm slow, stupid, and am the heir.Simon, Fri Feb 23 09:44
                  “I’m trying to look out for you here,” said Simon, struggling to remain calm between the growing desire to panic and the growing desire to get openly angry with his sister. “Do you know how much... more
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