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Thu Feb 15, 2018 08:45

(OOC - set a couple of days after getting Parker’s letter but keeping it here to keep things tidy)

Once she’d dropped the feather into the well, with the wish for things to get better, Cleo’s head had felt a little clearer. Perhaps it was the fresh air. Perhaps it was having had something simple and concrete to do, and having done it. Perhaps it was the wish. Either way, enough weight lifted from her mind that writing back to Parker suddenly seemed a lot more achievable than it had done.

She almost would have liked to stay outside, but she didn’t have any parchment with her, and she also felt a little too self-conscious and overlooked, so she returned to her room. With a clear task in mind, things felt easier, even if it took her several drafts, with crossing out and frustrations, before she was happy with the final letter.

Dear Parker,

Thank you for your letter, and for the feather. I appreciated them a lot. Sorry about your friends back home.

Are you calling yourself a birdfish or saying you’d be friends with one?

Were there any bad animals in your stories that the good ones had to fight against? It’s a nice story. I’m not sure it works like that in the wizarding world though. Most of the things that are half something else are pretty creepy - chimaeras, harpies. Even Centaurs aren’t actually that nice. Are you sure you wouldn’t run a mile if you met something like that? In this world, it’d probably be the smart move.


At first, she’d tried to tell him about using the feather, because she wanted him to know that she’d really appreciated it, but she couldn’t get into that without feeling like she needed to apologise for not asking him along, and then that got back into her saying she wanted to be alone, and she’d said that already, and she wasn’t even sure it was true any more and… It had just got complicated. She felt bad that the letter was short, and she didn’t think it sounded very friendly, which she regretted, but it was the best she’d been able to do.

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