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Sylvia Mordue
First night [Roommate tag for Caitlin Pierce]
Fri Feb 16, 2018 21:43

After a brief and very unsatisfactory conversation with Simon, Sylvia made her way up to her new room. She had been sure to leave Simon with the understanding that she Was Not Happy. He said there wasn’t anything he could do. Maybe there was nothing simple he could do. She was willing to see whether her displeasure would make him reconsider the options.

The time she’d spent talking with her brother meant that her roommate was already upstairs when she arrived. She smiled happily at her. She was still upset and annoyed about Nate’s sorting, and Simon’s lack of willingness to solve that problem, but she was glad of her own sorting and her roommate situation.

“Hello, Ms. Pierce,” she smiled, “I was just saying goodnight to my brother,” she added to explain her absence. “I am Sylvia Mordue of the Oregon Mordues,” she added, although she rather suspected Caitlin knew who she was. Of course the Mordues weren’t as important as the Pierces, but between keeping an eye on the society pages and their brothers being roommates, she suspected her roommate had known who she was before she started just as much as she knew her.

“This is fun, isn’t it? That our brothers are roommates and so are we,” she said, sitting on her bed, “If only there was a Callahan girl to complete the set,” she added, not that she meant that in the slightest. A Callahan girl would have been competition for Winston, and anyone in the intervening years who turned out to be worth the attention, and the Callahans had no recent scandals, which might have meant she was looked on more favourably than Sylvia. She very much wanted a nice girly friend, who she could talk about jewellery and boys with, and to be popular with the other girls in the school, but overall a small select few worked much better. “I hear he has a brother who’ll be in our classes though.”

    • A belated introductionCaitlin Pierce, Thu Mar 8 20:54
      Caitlin felt conflicted about arriving at Sonora. On the one hand, she was excited, it was a big deal going to school and being more grown-up, not really considered a child now that she was in... more
      • Better late than neverSylvia, Sat Mar 10 19:55
        “Indeed,” Sylvia agreed, when Caitlin noted how the other Callahan boy being in their classes meant there was someone else who was worth getting to know. She hoped that meant that she, Sylvia,... more
        • Glad you feel that wayCaitlin, Thu Apr 5 17:01
          "Oh nobody in particular. " Caitlin replied. "At Orientation I talked to this boy named Beau. His mother's cousin is married to my aunt and he decided to come introduce himself. There wasn't anyone... more
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