You should know better
Thu Feb 22, 2018 06:30

No, of course she did not want Miss Pierce to see her with her eyes red, but she wasn’t going to, because Sylvia didn’t do ugly crying. She did not to unrestrained, turn your face blotchy and make your eyes red crying because it was disgusting. Had Simon really paid so little attention to her tears that he hadn’t noticed that she was still beautiful when she cried?

“No, but I- I’m not crying,” she pleaded, making her tone tremble in a way that definitely implied ‘yet,’ and that it was Simon’s responsibility to make sure they didn’t reach that point, her bottom lip quivering.

The rest of his speech did nothing to make her blink back the tears. Teppenpaws were nice. Who cared? Nice was not a way to win friends and influence people, and whether or not Nate was going to be fine mattered a lot less than whether he was going to be here. It was Simon’s last words however, that finally changed Sylvia’s mood. The tears disappeared as her green eyes flashed dangerously.

“What did you just say?” she hissed. “You’re glad he’s not here, aren’t you? You want to push him out? Are you going to try to treat him like he isn’t part of our family! How dare you!”

  • Playing with fire.Simon, Tue Feb 20 11:58
    “Sylvie – don’t do that – “ said Simon helplessly as Sylvia’s eyes welled up with tears. “We can’t do anything, but – you don’t want Miss Pierce to see you with your eyes red, do you?” This was... more
    • You should know better — Sylvia, Thu Feb 22 06:30
      • This was going all wrong. Simon desperately wished someone else had this problem, or that Victor and Winston would both walk up at once so he’d have an excuse to escape without dealing with the... more
        • Why would you do that?Sylvia, Fri Feb 23 08:49
          Ridiculous? Ridiculous?! The accusation stung. She knew Simon had no idea that she was in perfect control of this little display - that was rather the point - but to call her ridiculous! Simon was... more
          • Because I'm slow, stupid, and am the heir.Simon, Fri Feb 23 09:44
            “I’m trying to look out for you here,” said Simon, struggling to remain calm between the growing desire to panic and the growing desire to get openly angry with his sister. “Do you know how much... more
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