But instead, here's some incendiary fuel for the fire.
Thu Feb 22, 2018 13:53

This was going all wrong. Simon desperately wished someone else had this problem, or that Victor and Winston would both walk up at once so he’d have an excuse to escape without dealing with the problem, or something.

Since they didn’t, though, he naturally put his foot in it and made the situation worse.

“Don’t be ridiculous, Sylvia,” said Simon, startled by the abrupt swing in her temper but annoyed, too, himself by this point. She was being ridiculous and – ridiculous, that was all. Of course she’d always be his baby sister first, and forgiven a lot for that, but she was at school now and it was time to act less like a baby and more like a young lady of distinction, especially here, in his Common Room. Crying was all right at home, but not here. They had to conduct themselves to the highest standard at all times. “Of course Nathaniel is a member of our family, and I'm not trying to push him out of anything,” he continued, and then, to his own distant horror, continued, “but it's better this way, and I'm sure you'll understand that once you've thought about it for a while.”

It was for the best, however little Sylvia liked hearing it. Winston’s cousin Thaddeus and his social-climbing wife had two sons now, so Winston and Caitlin were technically having a worse time of the cousin game than Simon and Sylvia were – at least there was nothing wrong with Nathaniel, just his father – but the fact remained that the Pierces of ill repute were not underfoot while the Mordue with the useless father was. Therefore, it was better that Sylvia was being very clearly differentiated from Nathaniel right off the bat – everyone would know her as Simon Mordue’s sister, rather than Nathaniel Mordue’s cousin and thus, indirectly, Nicky Mordue’s niece. Alexander Mordue’s children were upstanding members of society, as Alexander Mordue himself was. His brother was best forgotten entirely.

  • You should know betterSylvia, Thu Feb 22 06:30
    No, of course she did not want Miss Pierce to see her with her eyes red, but she wasn’t going to, because Sylvia didn’t do ugly crying. She did not to unrestrained, turn your face blotchy and make... more
    • But instead, here's some incendiary fuel for the fire. — Simon, Thu Feb 22 13:53
      • Why would you do that?Sylvia, Fri Feb 23 08:49
        Ridiculous? Ridiculous?! The accusation stung. She knew Simon had no idea that she was in perfect control of this little display - that was rather the point - but to call her ridiculous! Simon was... more
        • Because I'm slow, stupid, and am the heir.Simon, Fri Feb 23 09:44
          “I’m trying to look out for you here,” said Simon, struggling to remain calm between the growing desire to panic and the growing desire to get openly angry with his sister. “Do you know how much... more
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