Why would you do that?
Fri Feb 23, 2018 08:49

Ridiculous? Ridiculous?! The accusation stung. She knew Simon had no idea that she was in perfect control of this little display - that was rather the point - but to call her ridiculous! Simon was supposed to love her devotedly and unquestioningly. He was her big brother. He did not find her ridiculous! She had wanted to come to Sonora so much, and now it was all ruined – Nate and she were split up, and Simon was being most un-Simon-like, and all the things that had got her her way in the past were not only not working but making him be actively unkind to her.

“Don’t be mean to me!” she gasped, the hurt in her voice not totally faked. She had found cause to be irritated with him in the past for being slow, or stupid, or for being the heir and getting unfair advantages, or even for being mean to Nate but never, ever for being mean to her! “You… You’re supposed to look after me here and make everything better, and now you’re being horrible about Nate and horrid to me. Why are you doing this?

“It’s not Nate’s fault,” she added, lowering her voice, even though it had been so quiet before that no one would have heard her. “What happened. We’re supposed to stick by him, and prove that. He’s done nothing wrong. And I’m not ridiculous!”

  • This was going all wrong. Simon desperately wished someone else had this problem, or that Victor and Winston would both walk up at once so he’d have an excuse to escape without dealing with the... more
    • Why would you do that? — Sylvia, Fri Feb 23 08:49
      • Because I'm slow, stupid, and am the heir.Simon, Fri Feb 23 09:44
        “I’m trying to look out for you here,” said Simon, struggling to remain calm between the growing desire to panic and the growing desire to get openly angry with his sister. “Do you know how much... more
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