Because I'm slow, stupid, and am the heir.
Fri Feb 23, 2018 09:44

“I’m trying to look out for you here,” said Simon, struggling to remain calm between the growing desire to panic and the growing desire to get openly angry with his sister. “Do you know how much Professor Skies would laugh at you if you went to her with this? She’s not Father – she won’t just give you whatever you want because you want it!”

He paused, then, startled by his own vehemence, and by how close he felt he had just gotten to doing something absolutely forbidden: criticizing Father. That wasn’t done. It was not supposed to be done by anyone but especially not by Simon.

Underneath it all, too, he was a little hurt. Why’s it so important to have Nathaniel here? You’ve got me. I can look after you better than someone with a shadow over his head can anyway. And I am, in case you’ve forgotten, your brother. What makes him so special?

This, though, was something Simon would never say. It was pathetic, groveling for affection from his baby sister, being jealous of the likes of Nathaniel – all pathetic. He was the heir of the Mordue family. He was not allowed to be pathetic no matter how much he wanted.

“There’s no point in discussing this further,” he said brusquely. “You should go meet Miss Pierce. Good night, Sylvia.”

  • Why would you do that?Sylvia, Fri Feb 23 08:49
    Ridiculous? Ridiculous?! The accusation stung. She knew Simon had no idea that she was in perfect control of this little display - that was rather the point - but to call her ridiculous! Simon was... more
    • Because I'm slow, stupid, and am the heir. — Simon, Fri Feb 23 09:44
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