Professor Wright
Giving a head's up (HoH's office).
Tue Mar 6, 2018 11:58

By the end of the day, Gray was still not certain what to think about the incident in Beginner’s Charms. Nathaniel Mordue’s incident he had interpreted as a somewhat bungled attempt at showing off, jumping ahead into the second year curriculum and actually almost pulling it off, but Parker Fitzgerald’s had been...a bit more than that. Charming wings onto something - as opposed to just levitating it - was more advanced than he would have expected from the boy, and turning a box into a fish with wings on it was...not Charms. He thought the first and second years generally worked with objects that correlated in some way, too - visual similarities, similarities in name, something. Not box-to-fish. Where had Parker gotten that?

Regardless of where he’d gotten it, though, it indicated at least one problem, and possibly two. The definite one was that the Beginners were beginning to act out as well, while the Intermediates did not seem to be improving. At the very least, he thought he ought to warn his boss about that. There was, however, a slight problem with that: he found her somewhat intimidating, at least when she was not wearily eating cake and discussing having had her hair turned pink.

Therefore, as he put his head through her office door after his knock was answered, he pictured her with pink hair and a plate of cake in her hand as he said, “Hi. Got a minute?”

He spoke carefully, a bit slowly, as he did in class to keep his thoughts organized. “I thought you’d want to know that the Beginners may be getting ideas from the Intermediates,” he said. “Though it could just as easily be two boys - well - goofing off in class,” he acknowledged. “Nathaniel Mordue - that’s Nathan’s Mordue - and Parker Fitzgerald both made a bit of a scene - I think Nathaniel was trying the second year spells and bungled it, but Parker...managed to turn this - “ he produced the plain wooden cube, smaller than his hand, and put it on the desk so the deputy headmistress could see it - “into some cross between a seagull and a tuna.” Gray was an expert in neither ornithology nor ichthyology, so he was guessing there, but the message, he supposed, got across either way. “A fish body with wings. You’re the Transfiguration expert, but it seemed a little...advanced for a second year to me, so I thought you ought to know that, too - he might need an eye kept on him, or academic enrichment or something.”

    • Oh goodDH Skies, Thu Mar 8 06:44
      “Depends whether you’ve got good news for me or not,” Selina teased, as Grayson poked his bespectacled head in, asking if she had a minute. “Come in,” she added, to make it clear that she was joking, ... more
      • I aim to please.Professor Wright, Tue Mar 13 20:46
        Gray had, if he was to be honest, been slightly afraid that he would look like the Keen New Guy who made a mountain out of a molehill. As a result, he was almost relieved to hear the flat agreement... more
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