DH Skies
Oh good
Thu Mar 8, 2018 06:44

“Depends whether you’ve got good news for me or not,” Selina teased, as Grayson poked his bespectacled head in, asking if she had a minute. “Come in,” she added, to make it clear that she was joking, and that he was welcome regardless. Not many people brought her good news, and she was fully expecting to hear that there were further issues in class.

She listened carefully to what Grayson said, and then picked up the small wooden cube, examining it, as if to verify its utter unremarkableness.

“I see,” she commented, even though she really didn’t. “I mean… I want to say it’s just two boys goofing off but… But that’s not normal. I mean, Parker is a nice boy, and he works hard but… he shouldn’t be able to do that. I’m pretty sure he can’t do that,” she added. Unless he was one of those genius kids that was so bored by the work that was so far beneath them that they weren’t engaged or trying. But she was pretty sure that he was actually just solidly average. “I don’t know Nathaniel well enough to comment,” she shrugged. She wanted to say ‘but he’s a Teppenpaw’ but so was Jozua. She almost wanted to say ‘but he’s a Pureblood,’ meaning that they basically had being good little boys drilled in from day one, but she didn’t like to blood stereotype, and didn’t want it to sound like she meant anything favourable by it because she didn’t think that way. Plus you got the occasional Pureblood who thought they were above mere ordinary folk like the staff. “I guess we just… keep an eye on him.

“Parker though….” she mused, “I mean, I can understand why he’d be upset or having a hard time this term - did you witness the debacle with Cleo?” she added, “They were best friends last year. She’s been avoiding him. He tried to talk to her, she told him to basically back off and leave her alone,” she summarised, in case Grayson hadn’t been around for that. “But... I mean, this doesn’t sound like ‘upset.’ This sounds just…. Weird,” even with all her concern around Cleo, this was far too tangential for her to think the half-veela could really be, in any way, responsible. “I don’t suppose he offered any explanation?” she asked.

  • Giving a head's up (HoH's office).Professor Wright, Tue Mar 6 11:58
    By the end of the day, Gray was still not certain what to think about the incident in Beginner’s Charms. Nathaniel Mordue’s incident he had interpreted as a somewhat bungled attempt at showing off,... more
    • Oh good — DH Skies, Thu Mar 8 06:44
      • I aim to please.Professor Wright, Tue Mar 13 20:46
        Gray had, if he was to be honest, been slightly afraid that he would look like the Keen New Guy who made a mountain out of a molehill. As a result, he was almost relieved to hear the flat agreement... more
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