Caitlin Pierce
A belated introduction
Thu Mar 8, 2018 20:54

Caitlin felt conflicted about arriving at Sonora. On the one hand, she was excited, it was a big deal going to school and being more grown-up, not really considered a child now that she was in school. On the other hand, she was nervous. She had to do everything right. She couldn't afford to mess up at all. She had to get good grades and befriend the right people.

If only the Other Alicia hadn't had twin boys . If they'd both been girls, Caitlin would have less to worry about. Surely being the heir wouldn't go to Thaddeus if he had no male heirs of his own.Then Father and Winston would win and she'd have less to worry about. Of course, Thaddeus and the other Alicia might have kept trying but they also could have kept having girls and ended up with a huge family before they finally gave up.

Or if Druscella had just plain sent Thaddeus off to Boston when he married the Other Alicia. She was not pure. That was like the ultimate disownable offense.

Not that Caitlin would ever ever express those feelings. Oh, it was fine to say that about the Other Alicia, but to speak against Druscilla was something else. That would reflect poorly and probably anger the Pierce matriarch. In fact, the new first year rarely shared her feelings with anyone other than occasionally Winston and she was unlikely to share her rather complex feelings about Druscilla with even him. Caitlin was constantly worried about saying or doing the wrong thing and even having possibly thoughts was something that bothered her. Of course, she didn't like to show outward signs of anxiety either because that was dangerous too. She had to be perfect or else.

At least though, she was off to a good start here at Sonora, being sorted into Crotalus.It was, after all, the most proper house as well as being where her brother was. Also, it looked like she was going to be rooming with Sylvia Mordue, the younger sister of Winston's roommate Simon. Caitlin hoped feverently that they'd get on well. She didn't want to be in constant conflict with a roommate and she really did want a friend. Nor did she want someone from a good family to think poorly of her.

She began to unpack and organize her things. Caitlin had always very much liked her things to be just so. Being neat and orderly was very important to her. She hoped her roommate wouldn't be messy either.

Just then Sylvia entered. Caitlin finished hanging up a dress and straightened up, smoothing over her robes. "Hello, Miss Mordue, it's a pleasure to meet you."

She guessed that the other girl's initial question was a rhetorical one but replied. "Well, at least that's someone else whose worth getting to know." Maybe, hopefully. She knew there were even some purebloods out there who didn't do what they were supposed to and she neither wanted to associate with or be one. The former could cause her great risk. "In the meantime, I'm sure it'll be lovely sharing a room." Maybe, hopefully.

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    • A belated introduction — Caitlin Pierce, Thu Mar 8 20:54
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