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Better late than never
Sat Mar 10, 2018 19:55

“Indeed,” Sylvia agreed, when Caitlin noted how the other Callahan boy being in their classes meant there was someone else who was worth getting to know. She hoped that meant that she, Sylvia, counted as the first someone - if Younger Mr. Callahan was someone else then that meant Caitlin had already found someone worth talking to, didn’t it?

“Did you converse with anyone interesting at orientation or the feast?” she asked, trying to work out whether there was any possibility that she wasn’t the intended recipient of Caitlin’s remark, if it indeed meant what she thought it did in the first place. Conversation was complicated sometimes… You had to imply everything, and to try to work out the other person’s implications, and then you couldn’t directly respond to them because they hadn’t actually said it…

She wished she knew something else about the Callahan boy so they could talk about him, but she had to admit that she mostly thought of him as ‘Victor’s brother.’ His name was something funny and hard to remember… And apparently being her brother’s roommate’s brother didn’t lead to her having a wealth of information on him as a subject.

“Oh, I do hope so,” she agreed, when Caitlin talked about how fun it might be to share a room. “I’m the only girl in the family - the close family, anyway, meaning ourselves and our first cousins,” she clarified, because ‘family’ and ‘close family’ could mean such different things to different people. It was frustrating because it meant she did not have a simple way to indicate the people with whom she spent the majority of her time, and it was very important that she made sure people understood that she very much counted Nate (and, she supposed, by extension Jeremy, though frankly she could take him or leave him) as being a part of the core Mordue family - they had to know that she thought that, and then that gave them no excuse for not thinking it too. “And I do love my brother and my cousins,” one of them, anyway, but it was very ungracious to drop the plural when she did have two, “but it will be nice to have someone to do hair and makeup with, and talk about boys.”

  • A belated introductionCaitlin Pierce, Thu Mar 8 20:54
    Caitlin felt conflicted about arriving at Sonora. On the one hand, she was excited, it was a big deal going to school and being more grown-up, not really considered a child now that she was in... more
    • Better late than never — Sylvia, Sat Mar 10 19:55
      • Glad you feel that wayCaitlin, Thu Apr 5 17:01
        "Oh nobody in particular. " Caitlin replied. "At Orientation I talked to this boy named Beau. His mother's cousin is married to my aunt and he decided to come introduce himself. There wasn't anyone... more
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