Professor Wright
I aim to please.
Tue Mar 13, 2018 20:46

Gray had, if he was to be honest, been slightly afraid that he would look like the Keen New Guy who made a mountain out of a molehill. As a result, he was almost relieved to hear the flat agreement that what had happened in his Beginners class was not normal, however complicated that could imply things might get later.

He grimaced a little, though, when Selina asked if Parker had tried to explain his behavior. “He said ‘a bird-fish,’” he reported, quoting exactly. “I didn’t think to ask for much more than that at the time,” he confessed. “Nathaniel had already made that box start going off like a teakettle, so I guess I jumped to conclusions and just wanted to discourage them from doing anything else - it only occurred to me after I was walking away just how...strange it all was.”

He thought over everything he knew about the situation and nodded to himself. “Weird is a good word for it all - though I wish I had asked how he did it. I can’t see how being upset over a girl would make that happen - unless Cleo told him they mix like birds and fish now,” he added, deciding to give him a bit more benefit of the doubt. “Though it seems to me like she’s just been - avoiding everyone more than telling them anything,” he added in yet more fairness. “Though you might know more than me. Poor kid.” He was not entirely sure he thought of Cleo without the tag ‘poor kid’ in his head anymore, which was not, he had to admit, ideal.

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    “Depends whether you’ve got good news for me or not,” Selina teased, as Grayson poked his bespectacled head in, asking if she had a minute. “Come in,” she added, to make it clear that she was joking, ... more
    • I aim to please. — Professor Wright, Tue Mar 13 20:46
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