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Glad you feel that way
Thu Apr 5, 2018 17:01

"Oh nobody in particular. " Caitlin replied. "At Orientation I talked to this boy named Beau. His mother's cousin is married to my aunt and he decided to come introduce himself. There wasn't anyone at the feast." She had yet to figure out who was okay to talk to. The first year didn't want to end up going down a bad path as some of her relatives had done or do anything in the least to cost her father and Winston the Pierce patriarchy. Beau, however, was obviously acceptable. He was pure, after all, and his mother was even a Brockert.

Of course, Crotalus was the best house to be in for this. Muggleborns and halfbloods weren't especially common because obviously, they didn't usually care about being respectable. This was baffling to Caitlin. How could anyone not care about respectability? Even Muggles had to have some version of it in their own way. It was even odder if it was a pureblood who didn't care. Did they want to be disowned and/or potentially destroy their family's reputation?

But it did still happen that they were sorted here sometimes. Caitlin was just happy that it wasn't this year. She didn't know what she would do with a muggleborn roommate! It would be a conundrum as she would want to be polite and not have any conflict but on the other hand, she had to remain proper at all costs so she couldn't get too close either.

Her comment about someone to "Me too." Caitlin replied. She really only had ever had Winston for company. Everyone else had been much older and some of them were not great role models. The Anns were sort of....well, they were nice enough and they at least cared about fashion but on the other hand, they had played Quidditch in school and were not married. Mother and Melinda were models of pureblood respectability as were both her grandmothers though so she did at least have people that she looked up too. " The aunt I mentioned before has a daughter a few years younger than me but we're not that close." Aunt Harmony was only Mother's half-sister anyway so it wasn't as if they spent much time together.

  • Better late than neverSylvia, Sat Mar 10 19:55
    “Indeed,” Sylvia agreed, when Caitlin noted how the other Callahan boy being in their classes meant there was someone else who was worth getting to know. She hoped that meant that she, Sylvia,... more
    • Glad you feel that way — Caitlin, Thu Apr 5 17:01
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