DH Skies
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Sun Apr 8, 2018 07:17

This line marks midterm. Old threads remain active. This is just to help us keep track of time. Anything posted above this line is assumed to be happening during the holidays.

    • Re: Midterm QuarantineThe Sparks Family Owl, Sparky, Sun Apr 8 08:35
      Sparky was an unnaturally orange colored eagle owl. His hue had once been a more normal coloring for his species, but that had been before six year old Jozua had decided he wasn't colorful enough and ... more
      • A word with JozuaDH Skies, Sun Apr 8 09:15
        Selina flinched at the sight of the owl, not only because she was expecting to get a great many of them with angry letters attached but also because… well, it was really, really bright. She had seen... more
        • Fearing the worstJozua Sparks, Sun Apr 8 12:36
          He had gone through his afternoon classes following the quarantine announcement at lunch in a daze. He flinched every time something even a little bit weird happened in one of his classes. His fault. ... more
          • Am I that scary? DH Skies, Mon Apr 9 08:15
            Safe to say that he knew then. Oh dear. Well, at least she knew that he knew, and she could get on with dealing with it. Poor thing though… It was hard to comfort him both because there was a desk in ... more
            • Oh, I thought of a new worstJozua, Mon Apr 9 13:08
              He wasn’t getting expelled, not now, not later. That was good. More baffling, however, was that there was no blame at all, no punishment. He looked at her in confusion and wiped at the wetness on his ... more
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