The Sparks Family Owl, Sparky
Re: Midterm Quarantine
Sun Apr 8, 2018 08:35

Sparky was an unnaturally orange colored eagle owl. His hue had once been a more normal coloring for his species, but that had been before six year old Jozua had decided he wasn't colorful enough and 'fixed' him. Thereafter, for about two years, he alternated between normal and bright orange, until the adults in the household got tired of reversing the accidental magic and just gave up trying. By the time young Jozua had left for school, most everyone, including Sparky himself, had come to accept he was supposed to be orange, and he had been left like that. Only once, just before he'd been about to deliver his first letter to Sonora and therefore fly well outside the limits of the magical town of Aladren where people were used to the orange owl, had Mrs. Sparks attempted to end the color change, but then she had put it back right away because, as she told her husband, "He just doesn't look like Sparky like that anymore." And so Sparky was orange.

He was in fact, orange and clashing a bit with the maroon of the Crotalus Commonroom as he flew in through the window and circled around looking for Selina Skies. That door, she was in there, he simply knew it, so he flew into it a couple times until it opened. He flew in, landed on the desk, and held out his leg so the woman could detatch the letter with the name "Deputy Headmistress Skies" on it.

Inside the envelope, she would find a letter that read:

Deputy Headmistress Skies,

I am writing in response to your letter regarding Sonora's Quarantine. It came just as I was about to sit down to tell you and Professor Xavier that Jozua could not return here. Aladren, Oregon is also under Quarantine for the same illness you describe in your letter. We began having 'incidents' as they came to be called hereabouts in mid-August, and the first fevers struck in September, though we also only recently came to understand they were related.

Being one of the early cases myself, I am on the committee to help determine the cause and treatment of the disease we have set up here in town. Knowing Sonora is likewise infected, I will keep you in the loop. Right now, we are tentatively identifying an International Dueling Championship hosted here in town as the initial point of our infection. It was an event Jozua attended, so I fear it may be your initial point of infection as well. We were not aware he was infected with a contagious disease when we sent him to school, but I deeply apologize now because in retrospect I think he must have been.

At your service,
Peter Sparks

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