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DH Skies
A word with Jozua
Sun Apr 8, 2018 09:15

Selina flinched at the sight of the owl, not only because she was expecting to get a great many of them with angry letters attached but also because… well, it was really, really bright. She had seen this owl around - one could hardly miss it - but she couldn’t recall exactly who it belonged to. Her guess was Not A Society Pureblood because… well, it was just a bit gauche for them. Also not a first or second year, because she had been seeing it around for… a while.

Tentatively, she took the missive from its leg. At least it wasn’t a Howler. She unrolled it, read it, and breathed a sigh of relief because it wasn’t hate mail. It was actually an apology.
She wondered how much Jozua knew about this. Had his dad mentioned the Aladren quarantine to him? Had he read about it in the paper? Had he put two and two together and worked out that he might (ok, probably had) brought the virus in? She assumed his dad wouldn’t have told him directly… Was he sitting, sweating it out, just waiting for the moment that they Figured It Out? He didn’t exactly have a great many reasons to trust that she wasn’t going to come down hard on him over this, though of course she wouldn’t because it was an accident. It wasn’t his fault. And she would be penning a polite response to his father as soon as she was done speaking to Jozua to assure him of much the same. There was no blame here. The situation was a complete broomcrash, and she was hating every second, and wondering which Gods she’d annoyed, and why Jozua just had to be such a disaster of a human being, sure. But she also knew that she couldn’t actually blame a fifteen year old boy for getting sick and not knowing, especially as no one had known until recently that this illness even existed.

She wrote out a quick note, asking Jozua to come see her. When she heard a knock, she called him in.

“Hello Jozua,” she said mildly. She wanted to check he didn’t feel responsible. However, if he didn’t even know, she didn’t want to be the one to make him aware… “I just wanted to see how things are going. You’ve had a fairly rough time of it this term. I know that’s normally your Head of House’s job but… Well, I thought maybe I should be the one to check up on you. I’m sorry about not believing you. How are things?”

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    • A word with Jozua — DH Skies, Sun Apr 8 09:15
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        • Am I that scary? DH Skies, Mon Apr 9 08:15
          Safe to say that he knew then. Oh dear. Well, at least she knew that he knew, and she could get on with dealing with it. Poor thing though… It was hard to comfort him both because there was a desk in ... more
          • Oh, I thought of a new worstJozua, Mon Apr 9 13:08
            He wasn’t getting expelled, not now, not later. That was good. More baffling, however, was that there was no blame at all, no punishment. He looked at her in confusion and wiped at the wetness on his ... more
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