DH Skies
Am I that scary?
Mon Apr 9, 2018 08:15

Safe to say that he knew then. Oh dear. Well, at least she knew that he knew, and she could get on with dealing with it. Poor thing though… It was hard to comfort him both because there was a desk in the way, and because he was a teenage boy, who probably didn’t even want to admit that he was crying a bit, or be hugged by his professor.

“No, of course we don’t!” she answered, when he asked if she had to expel him for endangering everyone, “Jozua, it was an accident. You were sick with something that no one even knew was an illness. You couldn’t have done anything differently. You couldn’t have known what would happen. You were unlukcy - we don’t expel people for being unlucky.” Selina liked to think of herself as ‘strict but fair.’ She wondered, given how Jozua was reacting and what he thought she was going to do to him, how many of her students would add those last two words when describing her… Though she had to remind herself, teenagers didn’t tend to have the most balanced world view. “And there’s what… three live-out staff members, not to mention all the time Professor Taransay spends off campus. Someone would have brought it in even if you hadn’t. In fact, I know of at least one staff member whose family was sick before they were. It’s a disease - it spreads, that’s what it does.

“I really honestly called you in here to see if you were feeling alright. Not to chew you out. Not to expel you. And I’m guessing that the answer is ‘no’.”

  • Fearing the worstJozua Sparks, Sun Apr 8 12:36
    He had gone through his afternoon classes following the quarantine announcement at lunch in a daze. He flinched every time something even a little bit weird happened in one of his classes. His fault. ... more
    • Am I that scary? — DH Skies, Mon Apr 9 08:15
      • Oh, I thought of a new worstJozua, Mon Apr 9 13:08
        He wasn’t getting expelled, not now, not later. That was good. More baffling, however, was that there was no blame at all, no punishment. He looked at her in confusion and wiped at the wetness on his ... more
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