DH Skies
Head of House Speech
Fri Aug 3, 2018 21:36

So far, the year was off to a better start. This was not hard, given the immensely low bar set last year, but Selina was still willing to count her blessings. There had been a couple of disturbances during the feast - one a minor explosion from Pecari table, but it was neither unusual enough nor significant enough for the staff to get involved, although she mentally wished Isis luck, and vowed to keep a close eye on those particular first years in class. The second disruption had been not one but two staff members abruptly exiting before the feast was over. Selina had considered following them, but it had seemed that the second was going to look after the first - at least, that was what she had interpreted from Tabitha’s mumbled excuses - and she had decided that a third person walking out was overkill. She had been somewhat concerned when they had not returned, but she had Head of House duties, so would check on her new staff member in the morning.

As the desserts faded away, Selina made her way over to the Crotalus table, calling the new first years to her.

“Good evening, I am Professor Skies. Your Head of House, and also the Deputy Headmistress and Transfiguration professor,” she introduced herself. She was a middle aged woman, but a well kept one, with neat blonde hair and elegantly done make up. Currently, she was giving them a kindly smile, although she was capable of looking strict and serious when required. “Let’s head up to Crotalus,” she invited them, keeping the two of them with her so that she could point out useful landmarks as they walked.

“Around the next corner is the entrance to Crotalus Common Room. The portrait that guards it is… a little gruesome,” she warned them. They rounded the corner, to be greeting by the shuffling, groping, image of Gunther, white eyes staring sightlessly at them. “Pixie dust,” she told him, a slight smile on her face at the incongruity of the twee little password and the inferus portrait. It swung open, admitting them to a much more friendly and comfortable looking room, decorating in lavish red velvets trimmed with silver.

“Welcome to Crotalus. This will be your home for the next seven years, and Crotalus will be like your family whilst you are at school - and I mean that it every sense; we are here to look after you, there are your house prefects, or you can come see me in my office if you have any problems. I also mean it in the sense that you are unlikely to get on with every last person here, but you have to live with them regardless. So, bear that in mind before starting any arguments.

“Curfew is ten pm, and you have to be in the Common Room by then, and keep the noise down,” they had been given some of this information at orientation, but it probably wouldn’t hurt to remind them, “New passwords and useful information about clubs and so on are displayed on the notice board over there. This year, the Quidditch sign ups will be going up in the hall, as we’re having a schoolwide team.

“Girls dormitories are to the right, boys to the left. If you have any questions, let me know. Otherwise, I suggest you settle in and get some sleep."

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