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DH Skies
A chat with Mary Brooding
Fri Aug 3, 2018 23:02

The morning after the Opening Feast, Selina had penned a note to Mary Brooding reading Could we meet over breakfast in my office please? 7.15 am. She had phrased it as politely as possible, even though it really was a summons and not a request, because she did not want to scare the new professor. She was fairly sure that, at Mary’s age, she had just been getting over her nerves that any request to interact with a senior authority figure meant something dreadful was about to happen, and wanted to do her best to convey that that would not be the case, and that this was a perfectly friendly meeting. That was pretty hard to do in writing, and she was aware that being summoned to the office of the deputy headmistress on your first full day of work was probably a little nerve wracking.

She had had the elves deliver a pot of coffee and some pastries. She hoped this would be a relatively brief meeting and they could then get down to the Cascade Hall and have a proper breakfast but it seemed rude to demand someone’s time during a meal time and not provide sustenance. Especially if it was early and that sustenance included coffee. If it looked like they would be there a while, she might ask the elves to fetch them something more substantial.

When the knock came, she invited the Professor to come in and take a seat, wishing her a good moring, and offering her coffee and something to eat.

“You left us rather suddenly last night,” she began, getting to the real reason why she had summoned Mary here. “Now, I’m not looking to pry into your personal life. You are always welcome to tell me as much or as little as you like. I just thought it would be remiss of me not to check in on you, and see whether everything’s alright.”

    • I suppose I should've seen this comingMary Brooding, Fri Aug 3 23:18
      When the note came from the deputy headmistress, Mary had forgotten entirely to be nervous. Starting her first full day of work with a chat from the person who'd believed in her enough to give her... more
      • Well, you're not teaching DivinationDH Skies, Sat Aug 4 04:28
        The jug of orange juice and sandwiches was something of a surprise. It was a sweet gesture though, and she couldn’t fault wanting to be considerate or wanting to make a good impression as traits in... more
        • Thank Merlin for that!Mary Brooding, Sat Aug 4 22:12
          Selina seemed... something. Mary couldn't put her finger on it. Perhaps the woman was simply careful, a trait that probably served her well in her role at Sonora. Mary was not a particularly careful... more
          • That is... unexpectedDH Skies, Sun Aug 5 05:03
            (OOC - as is hopefully apparent in the text, Selina is written as being deliberately a little old fashioned in her views, and some of her comments and thoughts are not necessary appropriate to the... more
            • Thank you for tryingMary Brooding, Sun Aug 5 16:06
              Selina's reaction was reserved enough that Mary could tell she was trying, and the effort was quite sweet. It wasn't as if she was unused to such reactions, although she rarely knew anyone closely... more
              • Oh. Um. You're welcomeDH Skies, Mon Aug 6 08:53
                I would have hated for Ms. James to find out… and for you to find out that way. Selina tried not to think about the ways in which that situation might arise. There was of course, the good old rumour... more
                • Am I doing something wrong?Mary Brooding, Mon Aug 6 13:13
                  The more Mary talked, the more she was starting to think that she was making a poor impression. She understood that Selina would have a thousand and one things on her mind and that, not knowing Mary, ... more
                  • I don't think soDH Skies, Sun Aug 12 00:57
                    Mary had gone from being chatty, verging on rambling, to rather quiet, and Selina suspected she was feeling less at ease than when she had walked into the office. Which was a shame, but not something ... more
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