Mary Brooding
I suppose I should've seen this coming
Fri Aug 3, 2018 23:18

When the note came from the deputy headmistress, Mary had forgotten entirely to be nervous. Starting her first full day of work with a chat from the person who'd believed in her enough to give her the job in the first place sounded like exactly the sort of preparation she would need to get through the day. Her nerves were clawing holes in her stomach, not least of all because of Tabitha's pretty smile, and she suspected that she could've eaten an entire feast table herself.

This is likely what prompted her to bring a jug of juice and a platter of breakfast sandwiches to her meeting with Selina Skies. She only hesitated a moment, wondering if it would be odd to bring so much of so few things, but decided that at best, Selina likely would only provide a few treats. 'Meet over breakfast' sounded like breakfast would be had, and Mary was nothing if not a contributor. Who turns up to a party without bringing anything to share? Certainly not Mary Brooding.

So when she knocked on the door to the deputy headmistress' office, she did so with her shoe. She'd mastered the art of kicking a door as gently as possible to make it sound like a regular knock, and she pushed the door open after only a slightly awkward pause as she groped for the door knob.

Selina very kindly offered her coffee and food as well, which made Mary twice as glad she thought to bring something to offer the other witch, and that she hadn't brought tea. Nobody wants to drink tea and coffee at the same time, but a cold glass of orange juice can go with the bitter morning wake-up coffee. It simply made sense.

Mary smiled and set down the items she'd brought on the desk around other food selections, and then took the chair opposite the deputy headmistresses. When the woman opened her mouth to speak, Mary remembered to be nervous.

She blushed and tipped her head down, knowing her hat would cover her eyes and buy her a moment of demure recovery time.

"I appreciate your kindness in thinking to check on me!" Mary started, looking up again and smiling at Selina. She didn't doubt that Tabitha would be spoken to as well, and wanted to take the opportunity to separate herself from any early rumors on the matter. "I had almost forgotten how lovely you and your staff are, but Sonora has always drawn in the most wonderful people."

She worried then, again, when the voices of bitter people came to mind in memories. Don't try to butter me up. Kiss up. No one really thinks you're serious, Mary. But she was serious, and she hoped Selina saw her comment for what it was meant to be: a genuine observation from a grateful witch.

"I was a bit overwhelmed," Mary admitted honestly. She certainly didn't want to start this relationship off with lies, whether or not she was willing to tell the whole truth just now. "Everything is so beautiful here and I felt a bit...small. A good night's rest has made a massive difference."

Mary paused for a moment to take one of the pastries Selina had offered, and to nibble at a corner of it. She would have preferred to snarf the whole thing at once, but was more conscious now of her self-presentation. Patience would have to do.

"If I'm honest, Professor Hawthorne reminds me of the sort of kindness I'd so missed at Sonora. We struck up a rather fast friendship, I'd say-- she really is a lovely person-- and I was surprised by the strength of my joy at returning to Sonora in my new capacity."

It was all true, and Mary smiled, happy to know she could speak so calmly about the whole...thing. Besides, Selina seemed kind, and Mary wouldn't turn down a possible friendship with almost anyone. Possibly with a kelpie.

"How are you? You've no doubt been busy this past few days, and years of course! Is there anything I can do to support you?"

  • A chat with Mary BroodingDH Skies, Fri Aug 3 23:02
    The morning after the Opening Feast, Selina had penned a note to Mary Brooding reading Could we meet over breakfast in my office please? 7.15 am. She had phrased it as politely as possible, even... more
    • I suppose I should've seen this coming — Mary Brooding, Fri Aug 3 23:18
      • Well, you're not teaching DivinationDH Skies, Sat Aug 4 04:28
        The jug of orange juice and sandwiches was something of a surprise. It was a sweet gesture though, and she couldn’t fault wanting to be considerate or wanting to make a good impression as traits in... more
        • Thank Merlin for that!Mary Brooding, Sat Aug 4 22:12
          Selina seemed... something. Mary couldn't put her finger on it. Perhaps the woman was simply careful, a trait that probably served her well in her role at Sonora. Mary was not a particularly careful... more
          • That is... unexpectedDH Skies, Sun Aug 5 05:03
            (OOC - as is hopefully apparent in the text, Selina is written as being deliberately a little old fashioned in her views, and some of her comments and thoughts are not necessary appropriate to the... more
            • Thank you for tryingMary Brooding, Sun Aug 5 16:06
              Selina's reaction was reserved enough that Mary could tell she was trying, and the effort was quite sweet. It wasn't as if she was unused to such reactions, although she rarely knew anyone closely... more
              • Oh. Um. You're welcomeDH Skies, Mon Aug 6 08:53
                I would have hated for Ms. James to find out… and for you to find out that way. Selina tried not to think about the ways in which that situation might arise. There was of course, the good old rumour... more
                • Am I doing something wrong?Mary Brooding, Mon Aug 6 13:13
                  The more Mary talked, the more she was starting to think that she was making a poor impression. She understood that Selina would have a thousand and one things on her mind and that, not knowing Mary, ... more
                  • I don't think soDH Skies, Sun Aug 12 00:57
                    Mary had gone from being chatty, verging on rambling, to rather quiet, and Selina suspected she was feeling less at ease than when she had walked into the office. Which was a shame, but not something ... more
                    • I'm so glad!Mary Brooding, Sun Aug 12 01:48
                      Selina had smiled . What a relief! Mary was quite sure that this was a woman who, if nothing else, was honest. She was honest with her work and in her work, and she was honest with her staff. At the... more
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