Mary Brooding
Am I doing something wrong?
Mon Aug 6, 2018 13:13

The more Mary talked, the more she was starting to think that she was making a poor impression. She understood that Selina would have a thousand and one things on her mind and that, not knowing Mary, she would have to take a stance of cynical caution. Still, Mary felt like she would prefer to go back and start the conversation again.

This was an unusual feeling for the woman who was intrigued by, and typically excited by, every opportunity to engage with another person. Her mind turned to Tabitha, and she thought of how much she was really making things difficult for Selina and for everyone at Sonora if she wasn't careful. She decided right then that she wouldn't let her budding relationship-- whatever sort of relationship it was-- become common knowledge.

"I will, of course, defer to you," Mary replied, agreeing that professors were in a difficult position. "My job is to teach. I wouldn't presume to be an expert in child development or any other such thing."

She didn't quite smile this time, but did her best to sound friendly. At this point, she was just aiming for professional, and she was hoping desperately not to irritate this woman. Her mind groped at ideas to put Selina at ease but nothing came to her. It seemed likely that Selina would be most at ease if she were left alone and if Mary's business remained just that.

The idea that the students were sometimes happy and easy to work with seemed like an after thought, and Mary chuckled. It was indeed unlikely that the students would be happy and easy to work with all the time, and her job wasn't to worry about that. She wanted them to be happy if she could do anything about it, but her job was to teach.

"At the end of the day, it's about the students," Mary agreed. "Their education is my priority."

  • Oh. Um. You're welcomeDH Skies, Mon Aug 6 08:53
    I would have hated for Ms. James to find out… and for you to find out that way. Selina tried not to think about the ways in which that situation might arise. There was of course, the good old rumour... more
    • Am I doing something wrong? — Mary Brooding, Mon Aug 6 13:13
      • I don't think soDH Skies, Sun Aug 12 00:57
        Mary had gone from being chatty, verging on rambling, to rather quiet, and Selina suspected she was feeling less at ease than when she had walked into the office. Which was a shame, but not something ... more
        • I'm so glad!Mary Brooding, Sun Aug 12 01:48
          Selina had smiled . What a relief! Mary was quite sure that this was a woman who, if nothing else, was honest. She was honest with her work and in her work, and she was honest with her staff. At the... more
          • Me tooDH Skies, Sun Aug 12 03:09
            That was better. Mary seemed to have got the message, and they were in some sort of middle ground now, whereby she would deal with the students’ issues as best she could, without going out of her way ... more
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