Sylvia Mordue
Welcoming our new neighbour (tag Allegra)
Wed Aug 8, 2018 07:10

Sylvia was very much looking forward to being a second year. First year could hardly have been said to be dull, what with a magical illness sweeping the place and quite literal explosions, alongside all kinds of other unseemly displays. She was pleased to note that her own accidental outbursts had been entirely tasteful - in fact, two had been so subtle as to have only really occurred to her after the fact. Her most blatant display had been recreating their Christmas china during dinner when they had been stuck at school over midterm. She thought that her homework ending up blowing across the Crotalus Common Room might have been an accident, looking back, because it was really rather convenient that it had landed right by someone she wanted to talk to, and when she replayed the moment in her head, it had done so ever so gracefully, in a manner not at all reminiscent of the way paper usually behaved when caught by strong gusts of wind. She also thought she might have tripped Jasmine up in the hall. She would own that that, perhaps, was not very ladylike, but she felt it thoroughly deserved. Jasmine was common but seemed not to know her place.

This was one of the reasons why Sylvia was glad to be a second year. Of course, she wasn’t ahead of Jasmine, because without the help of some very tricky time magic, that simply was not going to happen. But nor was she the youngest in the school any more. There were still a lot of people older than her in the rest of the school, but she thought she could make a good reputation for herself, one that would move up through the school with her. The beginners classes would be a lot better now that she had seniority in them.

The first step, of course, was going to be making sure she found out who was proper, and guiding them to band together with her, against those people who weren’t. Her own house seemed like a good place to start with that. There was the odd bad egg, like Jasmine, or Cleo (who apparently had tried to use her accidental magic last year to bewitch Winston - clearly the girl was a hussy and a gold digger, and needed to be watched) but the majority of Crotalus house lived up its core value of respectability. She had not had the chance to sit with either of the new first years during the feast, but before bed she suggested to Caitlin that they call on their new neighbour and introduce themselves, because the chances were that she was worth knowing.

Sylvia knocked politely on the door. When told she could enter, she did so. She gave a shallow curtsey, because she was older (and because she couldn’t guarantee that this person deserved a curtsey at all, but it seemed better to give one just in case - on balance she would rather waste a curtsey on someone undeserving than slight someone who did deserve one).

“Good evening. I am Sylvia Mordue of the Oregon Mordues,” she introduced herself, and then with a smile, “I wanted to be neighbourly - to come and welcome you to Crotalus.”

OOC - as you write Caitlin too, I figured it was easier to leave it vague about whether she joins or not and you can include it in your post, though I assume she would.

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      • With white gardeniasSylvia, Mon Aug 20 08:18
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