DH Skies
I don't think so
Sun Aug 12, 2018 00:57

Mary had gone from being chatty, verging on rambling, to rather quiet, and Selina suspected she was feeling less at ease than when she had walked into the office. Which was a shame, but not something Selina held herself particularly responsible for - in some sense, she was sure it was something she had done or said, but she also knew that Mary’s age and lack of experience probably meant she easily ended up second guessing herself when talking to a superior. Selina would have liked to guide all her employees through that phase with minimal self-consciousness but she knew that, however nice and gentle she was, it was going to be impossible to avoid some self-consciousness or anxiousness on the part of her employees because some people were just like that.

“Your first job is to teach,” Selina smiled, “What I’m trying to say is… Getting involved in their personal lives is pretty unavoidable when they’re living here as well as studying here. So, it’s not something we can ignore,” it now felt like Mary was going too far the other way - just their teacher, not going to get involved. It was a nice ideal, but unfortunately involvement tended to find one regardless of the level of resistance one put up. “At the moment, I don’t see the need to go out of our way to have personal conversations with Ms. James beyond those which we would have with other students. I mean, we may need to discuss her veela side with her to some degree, but we don’t exactly force relationship counselling on other students without their asking, so I feel we shouldn’t treat her any differently in that respect,” this was, perhaps an oversight on Selina’s part. It was possible to discuss the idea of veela powers without discussing relationships, certainly, but the two were very closely linked. And perhaps Cleo had more need than others to be told about how the world worked, or should do, and perhaps it would benefit her to understand more about the relationships she could have. But in Selina’s mind, that was separate advice from controlling her powers, and she came from the school of thought that said minimising the ways in which they treated Cleo as ‘different’ was the best and fairest way to treat her. “But we all need to be prepared to answer questions from her, or any other student, if they bring them to us.”

  • Am I doing something wrong?Mary Brooding, Mon Aug 6 13:13
    The more Mary talked, the more she was starting to think that she was making a poor impression. She understood that Selina would have a thousand and one things on her mind and that, not knowing Mary, ... more
    • I don't think so — DH Skies, Sun Aug 12 00:57
      • I'm so glad!Mary Brooding, Sun Aug 12 01:48
        Selina had smiled . What a relief! Mary was quite sure that this was a woman who, if nothing else, was honest. She was honest with her work and in her work, and she was honest with her staff. At the... more
        • Me tooDH Skies, Sun Aug 12 03:09
          That was better. Mary seemed to have got the message, and they were in some sort of middle ground now, whereby she would deal with the students’ issues as best she could, without going out of her way ... more
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