Allegra Brockert (with a bit of Caitlin)
Being welcomed
Tue Aug 14, 2018 16:44

Allegra was incredibly nervous and had been for weeks. It had only gotten worse after getting on the wagon with her cousins. Thinking about what Topaz could do on a flying wagon was very nervewracking indeed. Then she had to worry about being in the same house as the other first year which would have made them roommates, Allegra couldn't imagine anything worse than that. In fact, she didn't think Owen could imagine that she would find worse than that and he was a writer.

Not to mention meeting new people. What if they didn't like her or were like Topaz? What if she ended up with no friends? If she had nothing in common with her classmates the way Angelique didn't or Topaz being...Topaz made them hate her too because they were cousins? Or if Topaz extorted loyalty out of her. She didn't want to be here for seven years with nobody but her family.

And if she had a roommate who was mean even if it wasn't Topaz? When Crotali were mean they were usually mean in a different way than her cousin, but they were still mean and Allegra didn't want anyone to be mean to her. She had had quite enough of that.

Now though, she was in her room in Crotalus. By herself. She was eternally relieved that Topaz was in Aladren and that she didn't have a mean roommate but now she was worried that because she had nobody with her, everyone else would bond with their roommates-aside from her cousin of course as unless Topaz's roommates were also totally evil, Topaz bonding with another human being was unlikely-and she'd be the odd one out. Allegra didn't want to be the odd one out, Angelique had made it sound worse than anything except, of course, roomming with Topaz.

A knock sounded on the door and Allegra jumped. Noise startled her, it always had and she didn't even remember why other than it probably had to do with her cousin. She took a deep breath and pulled herself together externally even though she was anxious inside about who could be on the other side.

She opened the door to see two girls that were probably slightly older than her, given that she was a first year and a roommate wouldn't knock. One of them gave a shallow curtsey and introduced herself as Sylvia Mordue of the Oregon Mordues and then the other followed. "I am Caitlin Pierce of the New Hampshire Pierces". Family branch was much more of an issue for Pierces than other families and Caitlin wanted to be quick to point out that she was not a California or Boston Pierce, because both branches were shameful and she would prefer to pretend they didn't even exist. Some of the Californians didn't even have magic.

Allegra quickly returned the curtsey. "I am Allegra Brockert of the Western Brockerts." She continued. "It's very nice of you to stop by, I'm sorry I don't have the room more together yet." She had only just gotten there after all. On the plus side, there was nothing embarassing about such as her one-eyed teddy bear Bernard-Topaz had removed his eye and fed it to a house-elf-or some less than presentable quilts and doilies that she'd made.

  • Welcoming our new neighbour (tag Allegra)Sylvia Mordue, Wed Aug 8 07:10
    Sylvia was very much looking forward to being a second year. First year could hardly have been said to be dull, what with a magical illness sweeping the place and quite literal explosions, alongside... more
    • Being welcomed — Allegra Brockert (with a bit of Caitlin), Tue Aug 14 16:44
      • With white gardeniasSylvia, Mon Aug 20 08:18
        Brockert. Excellent. “Very pleased to meet you, Miss Brockert.” Sylvia’s smile widened, and it actually reached her eyes a little bit. She definitely seemed genuinely excited at meeting her... more
        • Thank you.Allegra (and Caitlin), Mon Sep 3 20:11
          As Sylvia ducked out of the room, Allegra felt puzzled. Sylvia had seemed pretty happy about meeting her so where was she going? Caitlin didn't know what was going on either but the fact that Allegra ... more
          • All you have to do is swear loyalty Sylvia, Thu Sep 13 08:21
            “Lovely,” Sylvia smiled, when Allegra agreed regarding the flowers. It didn’t seem like Allegra had made many connection within her own year group, but what she lacked in useful information she more... more
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