With white gardenias
Mon Aug 20, 2018 08:18

Brockert. Excellent.

“Very pleased to meet you, Miss Brockert.” Sylvia’s smile widened, and it actually reached her eyes a little bit. She definitely seemed genuinely excited at meeting her neighbour.

“That’s quite alright,” Sylvia smiled, when Allegra apologised for the state of her room, “You’ve hardly had the time. Oh,” she exclaimed, as if the thought had just occurred to her and not, as it actually had been, a solid part of her plan when entering the room, “I have something that might help. Just give me a moment.”
She ducked back into her own room. Upon arriving at school that day, she had retrieved from her trunk a large bouquet of flowers, encased in a bubble charm to protect them along the journey, and set them on her and Caitlin’s windowsill. Ostensibly, just a nice gift from her parents to brighten the room. Sylvia, however, had herself requested the flowers, with particular composition and purpose in mind. She took a small assortment from the side of the bunch, and one of several empty inkwells from her trunk, and returned to Allegra’s room.

Caitlin was now inside with the first year, so Sylvia assumed they were officially invited in and followed, handing the small posey to Allegra. It was predominantly white, composed of a variety of flowers, but with a particularly pretty one in the centre.

“That should make it feel much more cheerful,” she smiled, placing the inkwell on Allegra’s window and transfiguring it into a small vase. It was a feat she could have accomplished in her own room, but it never hurt to show how one was nicely magically adept.

“I was thinking of wearing the gardenia in my hair tomorrow. You could wear yours too, and Caitlin, you can have another from the bunch. It would be nice, don’t you think? And if there’s any other proper girls in the year, we can give them some too. Did you meet anyone at orientation?”

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  • Being welcomedAllegra Brockert (with a bit of Caitlin), Tue Aug 14 16:44
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    • With white gardenias — Sylvia, Mon Aug 20 08:18
      • Thank you.Allegra (and Caitlin), Mon Sep 3 20:11
        As Sylvia ducked out of the room, Allegra felt puzzled. Sylvia had seemed pretty happy about meeting her so where was she going? Caitlin didn't know what was going on either but the fact that Allegra ... more
        • All you have to do is swear loyalty Sylvia, Thu Sep 13 08:21
          “Lovely,” Sylvia smiled, when Allegra agreed regarding the flowers. It didn’t seem like Allegra had made many connection within her own year group, but what she lacked in useful information she more... more
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