Allegra (and Caitlin)
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Mon Sep 3, 2018 20:11

As Sylvia ducked out of the room, Allegra felt puzzled. Sylvia had seemed pretty happy about meeting her so where was she going?

Caitlin didn't know what was going on either but the fact that Allegra was a Brockert made her very pleased. She knew how important it was to get them on her family's side rather than Thaddeus', though the girl might be a bit young to marry Winston. "I'm sure she'll be right back." She assured the younger girl. "So how are you liking Sonora so far?"

"It's very nice." Allegra responded. "I'm quite pleased with my Sorting." Because it's different than my cousin's . In all honesty she would have wanted to be in Teppenpaw because they were always nice. There couldn't be mean Teppenpaws any more than there could be stupid Aladrens or tame Pecaris. Still, the thing that mattered most was that she was not with Topaz and plus, here were two nice older girls making her feel welcome.

Sylvia returned then bearing flowers and an inkwell. The first year watched as the older Crotalus transfigured the inkwell into a vase and placed the flowers inside. "Thank you very much Miss Mordue. I'll be sure to do that."

Caitlin nodded "All right." She agreed as Sylvia mentioned that she could take some flowers. "Thank you."

Oh dear, now Sylvia was asking Allegra if she'd met anyone. She hadn't yet. What would they think about that? The first year had been way too nervous at Orientation to approach anyone not knowing what they were going to be like as well as worrying that her cousin would intrude on her conversation. "I'm afraid not."

That was all she had to say, let them think she'd not talked to anyone proper. "I ate with my cousin Angelique at the feast. She's a seventh year so she was kind of...telling me about things here" Mostly, Angelique was trying to get Allegra to join choir-wasn't happening-and talking about her betrothed, Devin Highmore. Still, her cousin was quite popular in pureblood social circles of her age group outside of Sonora. Not so much inside Sonora but that wasn't her fault. Angelique had done her best to make that clear to Allegra.

Caitlin saw this mention of the older Crotalus as an opportunity to ask. "So, then you're pretty closely related to Angelique then?"

Allegra nodded. "Our dads are first cousins."

She took this information in. "So, are you closely related to any of the other Brockerts here at school?"

The first year was puzzled. She wasn't entirely sure what Caitlin was getting at. Usually the Brockert family tree was too tangled even for Brockerts to make heads or tails of. Only her father's cousin Alessa, who was really into all that genealogy stuff could keep it straight.

And Allegra really didn't want to mention Topaz. Then again, she was sure it would be figured out soon enough. She felt a bit powerless when it came to avoiding that. However, she thought she knew what Caitlin was getting at. "Headmaster Brockert is my grandfather." Then she added. "And my first cousins Emerald, Ruby and Topaz are here. Topaz is in my year, in Aladren."

Caitlin smiled. This girl was Emerald's first cousin. How perfect.

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    Brockert. Excellent. “Very pleased to meet you, Miss Brockert.” Sylvia’s smile widened, and it actually reached her eyes a little bit. She definitely seemed genuinely excited at meeting her... more
    • Thank you. — Allegra (and Caitlin), Mon Sep 3 20:11
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        “Lovely,” Sylvia smiled, when Allegra agreed regarding the flowers. It didn’t seem like Allegra had made many connection within her own year group, but what she lacked in useful information she more... more
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